Leslie Miller
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Leslie Miller (Character)
from Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999)

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Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999)
Voice of Documentarian: So, just tell us your name, and why you're signing up for the pageant.
Leslie Miller: Ok... Hi... I'm Leslie Miller... and I'm signing up 'cause... oh... I always watch the pageants on TV and my boyfriend thinks I'll win
[cuts to Leslie and her boyfriend making out]
Leslie Miller: Hi Pat. GO MUSKIES WOO!

Leslie Miller: Oh yeah... really nervous... it's been about, 2 months. I haven't told my boyfriend yet. How did you know?
Leslie Miller: OH! You mean about the pageant! Yeah!

Amber Atkins: [crying after her tap costume disappears] I just wanted to compete.
Lisa Swenson: I can't believe this is happening. I can't believe she said...
[thinks for a moment than takes her jacket off]
Lisa Swenson: Amber, here, my jacket, take it, cos you know I know I got my costume OK'd a month ago before the pageant, you can wear it! Come on, put it on, here...
Michelle Johnson: Oh wow... Lisa, I don't think you should do this.
Leslie Miller: They're never gonna let you perform naked. I asked.
Lisa Swenson: Shut up, you guys.
Amber Atkins: No...
Lisa Swenson: Amber, I'm not gonna to win. OK? And let's be honest our family only needs one Liza and and Peter's got much better legs than me
Amber Atkins: Your parents'll kill ya.
Lisa Swenson: Come on, I love 'em... And you know that they only had me cos Peter needed that kidney.

Leslie Miller: Hey! Hey! I got second runner up! I got second place!
Pat: Third.
Leslie Miller: Huh?
Pat: Third.
Leslie Miller: No, I got...
[to the camera as she runs off following Pat]
Leslie Miller: Bye!

Leslie Miller: [performing her cheer at the pageant] Roll him over! Lay him flat! Pin his shoulders to the mat! Goooo Muskies! Yeah!