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Cogliostro (Character)
from Spawn (1997)

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Spawn (1997)
Cogliostro: The war between Heaven & Hell depends on the choices we make, and those choices require sacrifice. That's the test.

Cogliostro: [to Violator] All right, you overgrown gecko. Come and get your throat cut!

[first lines]
Cogliostro: The battle between Heaven and Hell has waged eternal, their armies fueled by souls harvested on Earth. The devil, Malebolgia, has sent a lieutenant to Earth to recruit men who will turn the world into a place of death in exchange for wealth and power, a place that will provide enough souls to complete his army and allow Armageddon to begin. All the Dark Lord needs now is a great soldier, someone who can lead his hordes to the gates of Heaven and burn them down.

Spawn: What are you looking at, old man?
Cogliostro: You tell me.

Cogliostro: This is just what they want. You're playing their game.
Spawn: [cocks his gun] Then I'll play dirty.
Cogliostro: Guns are useless.
Spawn: You got a better idea?
Cogliostro: [runs circles around Spawn and wraps chains around Spawn as well] I might.

"Spawn" (1997)
Spawn: What kind of Heaven uses bounty hunters?
Cogliostro: Who did you think they would send, a carpenter wearing sandals?

Cogliostro: Four hundred years have passed. Once again, it is time for a new warrior to emerge from the darkness. Throughout time, the battlefields have changed, but the prize has always remained the same: the human soul.

Cogliostro: Where do the dead belong... in the world of the living? For this newest spawn, moments of peace never come. His memories are fragments of the life he once had. For a hellspawn, memories replay his soul's own personal hell...

Clown: [Spawn has threatened and beat the crap out of some cops who were messing with the homeless people of the alleys] That's it, Spawn, let yourself go. Get pissed. Do some damage. Don't take shit from nobody. And, oh yeah, the big boy downstairs. 'Cause this is how the world ends. Not with a bang but with a lot of blood and torn flesh and broken bones. And I just love it.
Cogliostro: [narrating] And so the game has begun again. After 400 years, a new warrior takes center stage, preparing for the great battle... and with him comes pain, death and the vile stench of brimstone.