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Quotes for
Spawn (Character)
from Spawn (1997)

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Spawn (1997)
[after defeating the Clown]
Spawn: Give my regards to your boss. Tell him he's next.

Spawn: You sent me to Hell, Jason! I'm here to return the favor!

Spawn: [after he sees his wounds heal for the first time] Daaaamn.

Zack: Relax, mister. I've seen worse faces at the coroner's.
Spawn: Thanks, kid. That makes me feel *much* better.

Spawn: Aren't there any normal people left on Earth? Or is everybody just back from Hell?

Spawn: Aah! Feels like my skin is about to explode.
Clown: That's just your viral necroplasm going through its larval stage. Pretty soon you're going to get hair in funny places, and you're gonna start thinking about girls. Ha! Getting a chubby, studly? A half guy, semi?

Spawn: Just get me to a hospital.
Clown: A hospital? Have you looked in a mirror lately, burnt man walking? Even the entire cast of "E.R." couldn't put you back together again.

Spawn: God.
Clown: [covering ears] Aah! Did you have to use the "G" word? La la la la la la.

Spawn: What... is this?
Clown: Ooh, boy you are tied to that track and that stupid train just kept running over you now, didn't it? Running over you.

Jessica Priest: It's a little early for Halloween, Simmons.
Spawn: Where you're going, every day's Halloween.

Spawn: What are you looking at, old man?
Cogliostro: You tell me.

Spawn: [to Cogliostro] All right, Yoda, just hold on.

Spawn: You filthy little piece of vermin. What makes you think I would join your army? You can take that army of yours and shove it.
Clown: Sounds like a country song.
Clown: "You can take that army of yours and shove it. You can take that..."
Clown: Uh-oh. You've got that, "I want to beat the fat little man" look in your eyes.

Cogliostro: This is just what they want. You're playing their game.
Spawn: [cocks his gun] Then I'll play dirty.
Cogliostro: Guns are useless.
Spawn: You got a better idea?
Cogliostro: [runs circles around Spawn and wraps chains around Spawn as well] I might.

Spawn: NO!
Clown: Oh, come on. You scream like a girl. Do it like this.
[high pitched]
Clown: AAAH! Someone's a little angry 'cause they died and went to...
Clown: / Hello, my mutant, Hello, my carcass, Hello, my bug-infested corpse. /

"Spawn" (1997)
Jason Wynn: Who are you?
Spawn: Don't you remember me? You had me burned alive.
Jason Wynn: What? Simmons? Simmons, he's dead.
Spawn: No shit.

Spawn: What are you?

Spawn: What kind of Heaven uses bounty hunters?
Cogliostro: Who did you think they would send, a carpenter wearing sandals?

Clown: So what's next, Spawn?
Spawn: Spawn?
Clown: Yeah, as in hellspawn.

Spawn: What kind of Heaven sends a creature like you?
Lilly: The rules have changed, Hellspawn. Heaven wants to win.

Spawn: As far as I know, I'm already dead. Which means, I'll be waiting for your ass in the afterlife.

Chapel: Who the fuck are you?
Spawn: Your worst fucking nightmare...

Spawn: Stay out of my dreams!
Clown: Your dreams? Malebolgia owns you. You are his bitch!

Spawn: I want my humanity back.

Clown: You should be down on your knees thanking Malebogia for the privilege of being a ranking officer in this hell's army!
Spawn: *You* should be down on *your* knees thanking *me* for not killing you where you stand.

Spawn: You're about two seconds away from wearing that smile around your ass!
Clown: Yeah, yeah. Kiss me first.

"Spawn: Home, Bitter Home (#2.1)" (1998)
Chapel: You can't be alive!?
Spawn: I'm not, asshole!

Chapel: What the fuck are you?
Spawn: Your worst fucking nightmare.

"Spawn: No Rest, No Peace (#1.3)" (1997)
Tony Twist: [opens the door to his limo, and the remains of Overkill fall out] Son of a bitch!
Spawn: That he was. But then again, so are you.
Tony Twist: What the fuck? Who are you? What do you want? Anything, anything at all.
Spawn: I want you to stay out of the alleys, Tony. Your business there is done, understand? Whatever wild hair you had up your ass about that place is officially plucked.
Tony Twist: You - you slaughtered my men!
Spawn: I'll let you in on a little secret: they were doing bad things. But relax, I'm through killing your men. Next time, if I see one of your brain-dead thugs so much as spit in the direction of those alleys, I'm gonna come back and pay you a little visit, Tony. And believe me, it won't be as pleasant as the visit I paid your hired cyborg. So here's how it goes: as of now, you work for me, and your job is very simple - give me my space. Understand? All I want is a little peace and quiet. Got it, fat boy?
Tony Twist: Yes.
Spawn: Say it.
Tony Twist: I work for you, and you want peace and quiet.
Spawn: And who am I?
Tony Twist: I don't know.
Spawn: That's right. You don't know. Let that little mystery keep you up at night.