Dr. Alexis Zarkov
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Dr. Alexis Zarkov (Character)
from Flash Gordon (1936)

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Flash Gordon (1980)
Dr. Hans Zarkov: We are only interested in friendship. Why do you attack us?
The Emperor Ming: Why not? Pathetic earthlings. Hurling your bodies out into the void, without the slightest inkling of who or what is out here. If you had known anything about the true nature of the universe, anything at all, you would've hidden from it in terror.

Dr. Hans Zarkov: What do you find? The moon out of orbit?
Munson: By more than 12 degrees. This must be some sort of mistake.
Dr. Hans Zarkov: No, it's no mistake... IT'S AN ATTACK! I've been right all these years!

Dr. Hans Zarkov: [pulling a gun on Munson] Get your toothbrush and whatever!

[Munson refuses to go aboard Zarkov's rocket ship]
Dr. Hans Zarkov: I swear, Munson, I'll shoot!
Munson: Get shot or go up in that thing? What's the difference?
Dr. Hans Zarkov: This way, you'll be giving your life to save the Earth! Haven't you any spirit at all?
Munson: NO!

Dr. Hans Zarkov: [to dead Munson] Sorry, Munson. Missed your opportunity.

Dr. Hans Zarkov: Look at them! The poor wretches are just waiting for someone to lead them in revolt...!
Flash Gordon: [annoyed] Oh, are you looking at ME, Zarkov?

The Emperor Ming: Every thousand years, I test each life system in the Universe. I visit it with mysteries, earthquakes, unpredicted eclipses, strange craters in the wilderness... If these are taken as natural, I judge that system ignorant and harmless - I spare it. But if the Hand of Ming is recognized in these events, I judge that system dangerous to us. I call upon the great god Dyzan, and for his greater glory...
[leans forward, smiling]
The Emperor Ming: ... and for our mutual pleasure...
[leans back again]
The Emperor Ming: ... I destroy it utterly.
Doctor Hans Zarkov: You're saying... it's my fault the Earth is being destroyed?
The Emperor Ming: [grinning] Precisely... Doctor!

Kala: We're going to empty your memory as we might empty your pockets... Doctor.
Dr. Hans Zarkov: Don't empty my mind! Please, I beg you! My mind is all I have! I've spent my whole life trying to fill it!

Prince Vultan: [incredulous] What is this?
Dr. Hans Zarkov: [proud] Humanity.
Prince Vultan: Madness!
Dale Arden: [dreamily] Oh, Flash!

Dr. Hans Zarkov: Check the angular vector of the moon!

Princess Aura: [attempts to use her ring to open the door, it doesn't respond] They've changed the code!
Prince Barin: I've changed too, Aura.
Princess Aura: And I've changed, too.
Dr. Hans Zarkov: Oh, it's okay. I think I can work it out.
[starts to use Princess Aura's ring at different angles on the door]
Prince Barin: I love you. Will you marry me?
Princess Aura: I don't know, we'll try...
[breaks away as Barin moves in to kiss her]
Princess Aura: Not now, Barin...!
Prince Barin: You haven't changed...
Princess Aura: If I'm not at the wedding, I'll be shot
Dr. Hans Zarkov: [Finally manages to picks the electronic door lock with Aura's ring] A-ha! I thought it was one of the prime numbers of the Zenith series. *I* haven't changed.

Dr. Hans Zarkov: The red pedal!

Flash Gordon: My God!
Dale Arden: What is this, a civic reception?
Flash Gordon: More like a police state.
Dr. Hans Zarkov: If it is, that could be our good luck.
Flash Gordon: Why?
Dr. Hans Zarkov: It means we'll find allies on every side. Look at them, the poor wretches are just waiting for someone to lead them in revolt.
Flash Gordon: Are you looking at me, Zarkov?
Dr. Hans Zarkov: Yes.
Dale Arden: Please, stop talking about revolts, I just want to get back home alive.

Dale Arden: So that's why they let us escape; Klytus thought he'd wiped out your memory.
Dr. Hans Zarkov: But do you know why it really failed?
Dale Arden: I can't imagine.
Dr. Hans Zarkov: As I was going under, I started to recite Shakespeare, the Talmud, the formulas of Einstein, anything I could remember, even a song from the Beatles.
Dr. Hans Zarkov: It armored me, girl; they couldn't wipe those things away. You can't beat the human spirit!

"Flash Gordon: Chapter Five: The Beast Men's Prey (#1.5)" (1979)
Dr. Hans Zarkov: We're trapped! They'll be on us in a moment.
Flash Gordon: Stop thinking negatively, Doc!

Dr. Hans Zarkov: Any idea where we are?
Flash Gordon: Nope. But Arboria's due West of Ming's Capital City and, we're somewhere South of that. At least we're on the right side of the river.

Dr. Hans Zarkov: [while climbing Ming's giant statue] Never could stand hights...
Flash Gordon: So much for the theory of evolution. Sure thing you couldn't be descended from tree-swingers.

"Flash Gordon: Flash Gordon and the Planet of Death (#1.1)" (1954)
Zarko: Your scientific mind, Dr. Zarkoff, won't except the preposterous idea of an idol possessing an evil curse.
Dr. Hans Zarkov: The curse of Belfagore is man-made. It's a lethal weapon, not a curse.
Zarko: You have seen the result!
Dr. Hans Zarkov: Obviously you have a paralysis ray machine set into the idol here.
Zarko: Quite right! A paralysis ray machine whose controlled ray cuts through organic matter, destroying millions of nerves, eating its way deep into the very nerve center until total paralysis is achieved.

[Drako threatens to kill Dale with his paralysis beam unless Dr. Zakoff cooperates with his plan of universal domination]
Dr. Hans Zarkov: Dale, I can't let them do it.
Dale Arden: You must!
Dr. Hans Zarkov: I can't. I can't!
Dale Arden: You must... and you will.

Dale Arden: That little man, Professor Jellis, was able to topple over that huge idol? How? Where did he get the strength?
Flash Gordon: Sometimes a man finds strength within himself he didn't know was there. Professor Jellis saw his chance and found the power to balance his books.
Dr. Hans Zarkov: With a little to spare.

"Flash Gordon: Pride (#1.2)" (2007)
Dr. Hans Zarkov: It's just a matter of time before she gets caught. And when she gets caught, she'll talk. And when she talks everyone will know about rifts and Ming's rift generator and then it's just a matter of time before we build out own and from there it's just a hop, skip and a jump to annihilation, oblivion, the end of time and space and everything and everyone!
Dale Arden: He's spinning again.

Dr. Hans Zarkov: I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is I may have got the rift blaster working again, all we need now is a rift to test it on.
Flash Gordon: The bad news?
Dr. Hans Zarkov: We have a rift to test it on.

Flash Gordon: Hey, what'd I say? Think positively.
Dr. Hans Zarkov: Yeah, in the meantime I'll just try to forget the fact that I could be attacked by an interdimensional assassin at any moment.

Flash Gordon: The Greatest Adventure of All (1982) (TV)
Flash Gordon: I thought this M-9 cannon was classified, Doc!
Zarkov: Not to it's inventor.
Flash Gordon: Have you tested this popgun yet, Doc?
Zarkov: You may do so.

Zarkov: Close, but Earth is saved.
Flash Gordon: But Hitler, and the weapons Ming gave him?
Zarkov: He will get no more. And the free world will unite to fight him, and win!

"Flash Gordon: Alliances (#1.7)" (2007)
Dr. Hans Zarkov: Flash, if the badass alien bounty hunter is scared, don't you think we should be really, really scared?

Dr. Hans Zarkov: It's amazing, I'm really here, I'm on Mongo surrounded by aliens!
Baylin: On Mongo, YOU are the alien.

"Flash Gordon: Revelations (#1.8)" (2007)
Zarkov: As much as I'm dying to get a look at the rift generator, I'd rather not DIE to get a look at it.

Steven 'Flash' Gordon: Hey, come on guys! Come on, positive thinking, happy thoughts! I mean, all we have to do is sneak into Nascent City and break into Ming's citadel, find the rift generator, figure out how to work it, open up a rift and then jump through to Earth! Whaddya think?
Zarkov: I think we're dead.
Baylin: I think you should hold tight to those happy thoughts. I have a feeling you will be needing them.

"Flash Gordon: Chapter Three: Vultan - King of the Hawkmen (#1.3)" (1979)
Ming the Merciless: No man calls Ming a fool! I suggest you watch your words, Doctor, or you may find yourself sharing the same fate as your reckless companion, Flash Gordon.
Dr. Hans Zarkov: Flash! You know where he is?
Ming the Merciless: At the moment he enjoys the tender mercy of Vultan, something I would wish on only my worst enemy.

Dr. Hans Zarkov: This palace of Ming's is ringed with secret passages. It's like a gothic movie set.

"Flash Gordon: Chapter Thirteen: Castaways in Tropica (#1.13)" (1979)
Dr. Hans Zarkov: We are out of fuel. But, that's impossible.
Flash Gordon: Not if one of those lasers of Ming's scored a hit when we were making our exit.
Dale Arden: I eh, think we passed the last service station a few miles back.

Dr. Hans Zarkov: Strange, if I didn't know better, I'd swear this water was running up hill.
Flash Gordon: Even for Mongo that would be strange!

"Flash Gordon: Chapter Four: To Save Earth (#1.4)" (1979)
Flash Gordon: [adressing a projection of Zarkov] Before you go... Dale, is she, eh, I mean...
Dr. Hans Zarkov: [speaking through Ming Astro-projector] She's well. Ming favors her I'm sorry to say. He's sworn to make Dale his empress.
Flash Gordon: Not if I can help it! Tell Dale I said that. And, that I... well, you know.

Dr. Hans Zarkov: Hear me, Ming!
Ming the Merciless: Speak, Earthling...
Dr. Hans Zarkov: You prove only your own fear by using your will-beam on a defenceless girl, Ming.
Ming the Merciless: What you think does not matter.

"Flash Gordon: Survival Game/Gremlin's Finest Hour (#2.8)" (1982)
Dale Arden: An ancient civilization. What a shame we'll never know what it was like.
Dr. Hans Zarkov: I... wouldn't say never, Dale.
Thun: And what is that?
Dr. Hans Zarkov: A retroscope. It shows things as they once were, observe.

"Flash Gordon: The Subworld Revenge (#1.39)" (1955)
Dr. Hans Zarkov: I'd like to say "Better luck next time, Zaldoo" - you won't have one - but now you have a parting message to send to your subjects.
Flash Gordon: It's short and sweet - tell them to turn off the fire blaster.
Dale Arden: Or the Mighty Zaldoo will be mighty sorry.

"Flash Gordon: Chapter Nine: Monster of the Glacier (#1.9)" (1979)
Dale Arden: I don't mean to interrupt, but Thun's found logs to build a raft.
Dr. Hans Zarkov: [standing atop the finished wooden raft] It may not be the Queen Elizabeth, but it's our ticked out of here.

"Flash Gordon: Possession (#1.15)" (2007)
Dr. Hans Zarkov: [the group has stolen clothes for disguises] I hope these pants stay up.
Baylin: We share that hope together.

"Flash Gordon: Chapter Sixteen: Ming's Last Battle (#1.16)" (1980)
King Vultan: More power, Zarkov, more Power!
Dr. Hans Zarkov: It's no use, our batteries are too weak.
Prince Barin: Then our fight is over... before it's begun!

"Flash Gordon: Chapter Eleven: King Flash (#1.11)" (1979)
Dale Arden: Will Flash be all right, Dr. Zarkov?
Dr. Hans Zarkov: As I told you, he will retain something of a dual personality.
Dale Arden: But, he will be my - our... the Flash we know?
Dr. Hans Zarkov: Judge for yourself.

"Flash Gordon: Flash Back/The Warrior (#2.5)" (1982)
Dr. Hans Zarkov: I believe, if you readjust the anti- matter pods in the middle of that cloud, you and the ship will go into that other dimension, and hopefully find Flash. But...
Dale Arden: But if you're wrong, our atoms could be spread out all over the universe, right?
Dale Arden: I'm afraid so. You'll be taking a big chance.

"Flash Gordon: Chapter Ten: Blue Magic (#1.10)" (1979)
Dr. Hans Zarkov: Don't worry, Dale. Knowledge is the sharpest weapon of all.

"Flash Gordon: Pilot (#1.1)" (2007)
Dr. Hans Zarkov: We opened a door that should never have been opened.

Flash Gordon (1936)
Ming the Merciless: I will destroy your earth in my owm way!
Dr. Alexis Zarkov: Why destroy the Earth? Why not conquer it?
Ming the Merciless: [envisioning the suggestion] Why not?
Ming the Merciless: How did you enter my kingdom?
Dr. Alexis Zarkov: On a rocket ship of my own design.
Ming the Merciless: You are a remarkable man! I can use you.
Ming the Merciless: [directing his guards] Take him to a laboratory. Give him everything he requires... except his freedom!

"Flash Gordon: The Lure of Light (#1.17)" (1955)
Flash Gordon: Do you think it worked, Doctor? Are we really back in time?
Dr. Zarkov: We'll know when we see if Dale is alive.