Prince Vultan
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Prince Vultan (Character)
from Flash Gordon (1980)

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Flash Gordon (1980)
Prince Vultan: Onward my brave Hawkmen! Let this be known forever as Flash Gordon's Day!

Prince Vultan: GORDON'S ALIVE!

Prince Vultan: My thanks to you, Flash.
Flash Gordon: What for?
Prince Vultan: For giving an old bird a second chance!

Prince Vultan: [incredulous] What is this?
Dr. Hans Zarkov: [proud] Humanity.
Prince Vultan: Madness!
Dale Arden: [dreamily] Oh, Flash!

Flash Gordon: Biro's hit! I'm going in after him!
[flies off]
Prince Vultan: Grrrr! Impetuous boy!
Prince Vultan: Ah, well; who wants to live forever?
Prince Vultan: [laughs heartily, to the Hawkmen] DIVE!

Prince Vultan: [Flash is going to suicide ram Ming's palace, Vultan turns to Flash] That must be one hell of a planet you men come from!
Flash Gordon: Not too bad.

Prince Vultan: Flash... when the ship hits the forcefield you'll be killed; this is suicide!
Flash Gordon: No Vultan... it's a rational transaction! One life for billions...

Prince Barin: Listen! There is something finer in this galaxy than Ming's law!
Prince Vultan: RUBBISH!

Prince Vultan: [War Rocket Ajax is under heavy laser fire from Mingo City. Cut to Int. Ajax Cockpit. Flash is at the controls. Vultan is just reaching a ladder to leave] Come on, Flash! Come on! It's time to bail out!
Flash Gordon: Sorry, Vultan! I'm not coming!
Prince Vultan: What?
Flash Gordon: The rocketcycle's gone!
Prince Vultan: So, come on! I'll carry you!
Flash Gordon: Bail out, Vultan, before it's too late!
Prince Vultan: Flash,
[runs back to Flash]
Prince Vultan: are you crazy?
Flash Gordon: The fire's too heavy!
Flash Gordon: You know we'll never make that opening with nobody at the wheel!
Prince Vultan: Come on! You'll be blown to pieces, Flash! It's suicide!
Flash Gordon: No, a rational transaction! One life for billions!
Prince Vultan: [Vultan grabs Flash's shoulders and shouts] Come on! You'll be destroyed!
Flash Gordon: [shouts] You loony bird!
[Pushes Vultan away]
Flash Gordon: Get outta here! They need you on the ground!
Prince Vultan: [Vultan holds out his right hand] Well, good bye, Flash! It's been...!
Flash Gordon: [Flash shakes Vultan's hand] I know! For me too, Vultan!
Flash Gordon: [Vultan heads back to the ladder and starts climbing] Tell Dale
Flash Gordon: I know it would've been good!
Prince Vultan: [shouts] That must be one hell of a planet you men come from!
Flash Gordon: Not too bad!

Luro: They were brave creatures Vultan.
Prince Vultan: SHUT UP!
Luro: With respect. The men who rid us of Klytus should not be deserted.
Prince Vultan: Will you shut up! So. Maybe I'd do it different. If I had it over again.
Luro: Then FIGHT!
Prince Vultan: But there's no way I could help a man who's dead!

Klytus: The tributes of the Hawkmen will be first.
Dale Arden: Are we dreaming?
Flash Gordon: I'd like to think so.
Prince Vultan: The fabled ice jewel of Frigia; we seized it in battle from the royal crypt.
Prince Barin: Stop! The ice jewel is our tribute, not Vultan's.
Prince Barin: Vultan stole it while we were burying our dead on Frigia
Prince Vultan: Liar!
Prince Barin: You are a thief!
Prince Vultan: What?
Prince Vultan: [Prince Barin draws his sword, preparing to attack Vultan]
[Vultan raises his clubbed sword]
Prince Vultan: Aargh!
Klytus: Put down your weapons! No one, but no one, dies in the palace without a command from the Emperor.
Prince Barin: Hail, Ming!
[Barin lowers his sword]
Prince Vultan: Aargh!
Klytus: Vultan! You obey, or you sacrifice your daughter.
[Vultan's daughter emerges, looks at her father]
Prince Vultan: [lowers his club sword relentingly] Hail, Ming.

"Flash Gordon: Chapter Sixteen: Ming's Last Battle (#1.16)" (1980)
King Vultan: More power, Zarkov, more Power!
Dr. Hans Zarkov: It's no use, our batteries are too weak.
Prince Barin: Then our fight is over... before it's begun!

King Vultan: Ming will rue the day he made Hawk-men his enemies.

"Flash Gordon: Chapter Twelve: Tournament of Death (#1.12)" (1979)
Flash Gordon: Do you enjoy taunting helpless prisoners that much, Aura?
Thun: More than anything else.
King Vultan: [laughs] If our positions were reversed, Aura, well, I'd enjoy that very much.

Prince Barin: There is a way out from here, but it's more dangerous than you know.
Flash Gordon: It can't be any worse than what we've seen, and it seems to me we haven't much choice.
King Vultan: Flash is right!
Prince Barin: As usual.
[walks off]
Prince Barin: I warned you!

Flash Gordon: The Greatest Adventure of All (1982) (TV)
Vultan: Ah, the Princess Aura. Ming has sired himself a beauty.
Princess Aura: [offended] You forget yourself, Vultan!
Vultan: [laughs heartilly] Never would I do that! It is of myself I am thinking. A princess royal to share my throne... and my life.

"Flash Gordon: Chapter Three: Vultan - King of the Hawkmen (#1.3)" (1979)
King Vultan: The Princess Aura, Ming has sired himself a beauty.
Princess Aura: You forget yourself, Vultan.
King Vultan: [more laughter] Never would I do that. It is of myself I am thinking. A princess royal to share me throne!
Princess Aura: My father will destroy you for this!
King Vultan: Not his own son-in-law!
[belly-shaking laughter]

"Flash Gordon: Chapter Ten: Blue Magic (#1.10)" (1979)
Prince Barin: If Flash is trapped somewhere in the caverns of Syk, my Ultra-Spectograph can locate him. And my Metal Mole can take us there. Come!
King Vultan: Wait. You dare invade the Witch Queen's territories?
Prince Barin: For a friend and brother like Flash Gordon, I dare the wrath of Taos himself!

"Flash Gordon: Chapter Fourteen: The Desert Hawk (#1.14)" (1979)
Princess Aura: [referring to Flash, Dale and Zarkov] Then where are they?
King Vultan: That, my princess, is the question we must answer, and soon! For my Hawk-sense tells me that Flash Gordon is in grave danger.