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Dale Arden (Character)
from Flash Gordon (1980)

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Flash Gordon (1980)
Flash Gordon: This Ming is a psycho!
Ming's Floating Servant: This Ming is a psycho.
Klytus: Who said that?
Ming's Floating Servant: The fair-haired prisoner.
Klytus: Who are you?
Flash Gordon: Flash Gordon. Quarterback. New York Jets.
Dale Arden: Dale Arden, Your Highness. Live and let live, that's my motto.

Dale Arden: Flash, Flash, I love you, but we only have fourteen hours to save the Earth!

Zogi, the High Priest: Do you, Ming the Merciless, Ruler of the Universe, take this Earthling Dale Arden, to be your Empress of the Hour?
The Emperor Ming: Of the hour, yes.
Zogi, the High Priest: Do you promise to use her as you will?
The Emperor Ming: Certainly!
Zogi, the High Priest: Not to blast her into space?
[Ming glares at Zogi]
Zogi, the High Priest: Uh, until such time as you grow weary of her.
The Emperor Ming: I do.
Dale Arden: I do NOT!

Dale Arden: I'm a New York City girl. It's a little too quiet around here for me.

Princess Aura: But my father has never kept a vow in his life!
Dale Arden: I can't help that, Aura. Keeping our word is one of the things that make us... better than you.

Dale Arden: Just hold me two seconds, then drop me so I can kiss the ground.

Flash Gordon: This isn't happening, Dale. We're not here. It's just a bad dream.
Dale Arden: Oh, I agree completely. We'll wake up in any minute in Dock Harbor and have a laugh about this.
Flash Gordon: Only this time I won't just ask the maitre d' your name. I'll walk over and talk to you.
Dale Arden: You promise?
Flash Gordon: I promise. Cross my heart and hope to... I really will talk to you, Dale.

Prince Vultan: [incredulous] What is this?
Dr. Hans Zarkov: [proud] Humanity.
Prince Vultan: Madness!
Dale Arden: [dreamily] Oh, Flash!

Hedonia: It has no name. Many brave men died to bring it here from the Galaxy of Pleasure... It will make your nights with Ming more... agreeable.
Dale Arden: Will it make me forget?
Hedonia: No, but it will make you not mind remembering.

Dale Arden: [trying to turn over hourglass] It won't turn over! It won't turn over!

Flash Gordon: My God!
Dale Arden: What is this, a civic reception?
Flash Gordon: More like a police state.
Dr. Hans Zarkov: If it is, that could be our good luck.
Flash Gordon: Why?
Dr. Hans Zarkov: It means we'll find allies on every side. Look at them, the poor wretches are just waiting for someone to lead them in revolt.
Flash Gordon: Are you looking at me, Zarkov?
Dr. Hans Zarkov: Yes.
Dale Arden: Please, stop talking about revolts, I just want to get back home alive.

Klytus: The tributes of the Hawkmen will be first.
Dale Arden: Are we dreaming?
Flash Gordon: I'd like to think so.
Prince Vultan: The fabled ice jewel of Frigia; we seized it in battle from the royal crypt.
Prince Barin: Stop! The ice jewel is our tribute, not Vultan's.
Prince Barin: Vultan stole it while we were burying our dead on Frigia
Prince Vultan: Liar!
Prince Barin: You are a thief!
Prince Vultan: What?
Prince Vultan: [Prince Barin draws his sword, preparing to attack Vultan]
[Vultan raises his clubbed sword]
Prince Vultan: Aargh!
Klytus: Put down your weapons! No one, but no one, dies in the palace without a command from the Emperor.
Prince Barin: Hail, Ming!
[Barin lowers his sword]
Prince Vultan: Aargh!
Klytus: Vultan! You obey, or you sacrifice your daughter.
[Vultan's daughter emerges, looks at her father]
Prince Vultan: [lowers his club sword relentingly] Hail, Ming.

Klytus: Now the tributes from Ardentia.
Prince Thun: Your Majesty, we, the people of Ardentia, we have suffered since you blasted our kingdom. I can offer you nothing this year, except my loyalty.
Klytus: Prince Thun, we prize nothing more highly. And tell us, how great is this loyalty to your emperor?
Prince Thun: Without measure.
The Emperor Ming: We are delighted to hear it; fall on your sword.
The Emperor Ming: Show us this loyalty, throw yourself onto your sword.
Prince Thun: [Prince Thun unsheathes his sword] May this deed of Prince Thun be an example to all the kingdoms of Mongo; death to Ming!
[Prince Thun is stopped by a freeze beam from Ming's servant]
Prince Thun: [Ming disembowels and slays Prince Thun with his own sword]
Dale Arden: Ugh!

Dale Arden: So that's why they let us escape; Klytus thought he'd wiped out your memory.
Dr. Hans Zarkov: But do you know why it really failed?
Dale Arden: I can't imagine.
Dr. Hans Zarkov: As I was going under, I started to recite Shakespeare, the Talmud, the formulas of Einstein, anything I could remember, even a song from the Beatles.
Dr. Hans Zarkov: It armored me, girl; they couldn't wipe those things away. You can't beat the human spirit!

"Flash Gordon: Pilot (#1.1)" (2007)
Joely Lavant: Okay, this is weird. Four people at the Excalibur Lanes just reported being attacked by an alien. Think we should check it out?
Dale Arden: What is this, Alien Homecoming Week? You know this is gonna turn out to be a hoax.
Joely Lavant: Well yeah, but it'd be a great tease. People love their aliens almost as much as they love their celebrities.
Dale Arden: If only we could get E.T. on tape with Lindsay Lohan, then we'd be set.

Dale Arden: Yearbook photos are bad enough, but online yearbook photos? The work of the devil!

Dale Arden: So you know about Earth?
Rankol: There are few corners of the galaxy that we do not know about.

[Aura claims to be an abbot]
Dale Arden: If she's an abbot then I'm Costello. Did you see her nails? The girl hasn't done a day's work in her life!

Dale Arden: Come on, we'd better go before we end up on You Tube.

Aura: I'm here for the Imex, there's nothing else on this planet worth having... except for one thing and I'll have him soon enough.
Dale Arden: Flash? Keep dreaming! He wouldn't touch you if you were the last woman in the universe.
Aura: Don't be so sure. I always get what I want.

"Flash Gordon: Chapter Seven: Adventure in Arboria (#1.7)" (1979)
Dale Arden: Please, don't ever let anything happen to you.
Flash Gordon: Don't worry, Dale, we may have had to come to Mongo for me to find you, But I'm not about to let you get away.

Dale Arden: You must have been some boy scout when you were a kid.
Flash Gordon: Don't be scared.
Dale Arden: With you, Flash? Never.

Dale Arden: I'm afraid we're at the end of our rope. We've run out of trees.
Flash Gordon: We're not licked yet!

Thun: Looks peaceful enough...
Flash Gordon: Looks can be deceiving, Thun.
Thun: Another Earth saying?
Dale Arden: Flash, you're well on your way to becoming Mongo's Confucius.

Dale Arden: Those robots are rotten swimmers!

"Flash Gordon: Flash Back/The Warrior (#2.5)" (1982)
Dr. Hans Zarkov: I believe, if you readjust the anti- matter pods in the middle of that cloud, you and the ship will go into that other dimension, and hopefully find Flash. But...
Dale Arden: But if you're wrong, our atoms could be spread out all over the universe, right?
Dale Arden: I'm afraid so. You'll be taking a big chance.

Dale Arden: Flash, are you all right?
Flash Gordon: [stretching] Oh, sure. Just don't let me look into any mirrors, my reflection might scare me.

The Great Warrior: Ah, fearless Flash Gordon, welcome. And you too, Merciless Ming and Dale Arden.
Dale Arden: You know who we are?
The Great Warrior: Of course. Everyone knows the two most powerful men and the most beautiful woman on all of Mongo.

Dale Arden: Well, what'll it be? Coffe, tea or dragon's milk?

"Flash Gordon: Gremlin the Dragon/Royal Wedding (#2.1)" (1982)
Dale Arden: Aura will make a beautiful bride.
Flash Gordon: Sure, hey, concidering she's the pretiest girl on Mongo.
[Dale throws him a look]
Flash Gordon: [chuckles] Next to my co-pilot.
Dale Arden: Keep your eyes on the sky, Flash Gordon.

Dale Arden: Come on, Ice-Ray, do your stuff!

Dale Arden: Flash Gordon, if anything happens to you, I'll never forgive you.
Flash Gordon: I'll never forgive me as well.

Flash Gordon: So, Prince Barin finally gets his princess.
Dale Arden: Kinda gives you ideas, doesn't it?
Flash Gordon: Yeah, but Aura's already married.
Dale Arden: Why you... you!
Flash Gordon: [off screen as the shot cuts to a close-up of Gremlin] Ow! Hey, I was only kidding, Dale!
[Gremlin chuckles and winks]

"Flash Gordon: Pride (#1.2)" (2007)
Dr. Hans Zarkov: It's just a matter of time before she gets caught. And when she gets caught, she'll talk. And when she talks everyone will know about rifts and Ming's rift generator and then it's just a matter of time before we build out own and from there it's just a hop, skip and a jump to annihilation, oblivion, the end of time and space and everything and everyone!
Dale Arden: He's spinning again.

Joe Wylee: They just found the body of a murdered security guard at the shipyard in North Harbor.
Joely Lavant: You know, a picnic at a crime scene sounds pretty romantic!
Dale Arden: Cute. Let's go.

Dale Arden: So, you've never slashed someone's chest open before?
Baylin: Of course. But only when necessary.
Dale Arden: I'm sleeping sound tonight!

Joe Wylee: Alright sir, so how positive are you about this hulking beast with the laserwhip?
Dale Arden: And aren't you the same gentleman who reported seeing an invisible girl eating potato salad?
Park Ranger: I guess it's just one of those days. The truth is, I think they're both some kind of extra-terrestrial types.
Dale Arden: Aliens with a taste for potato salad?
Park Ranger: The invasion is coming.

"Flash Gordon: Chapter One: A Planet in Peril (#1.1)" (1979)
Princess Aura: You surprise me, Earth man... and please me too.
Dale Arden: Now there's a designing woman - and her designs are all for you!
Flash Gordon: Jealous, Dale?
Dale Arden: You're darned right I am!

Dale Arden: I don't think I like being referred to as 'the day's catch'.

Dale Arden: What's that?
[all stop to listen to ominous shrieking]
Flash Gordon: Whatever it is, I don't think It'll make the Top Forty.

Princess Aura: I wish to study these strange visitors to our world...
Dale Arden: She means you, Flash.
Flash Gordon: A fate better than some I can think of.

"Flash Gordon: Survival Game/Gremlin's Finest Hour (#2.8)" (1982)
Dale Arden: You couldn't have picked a more beautiful spot for a vacation.
Flash Gordon: Well, even us heroes need a break sometime.
Dale Arden: Oh boy...

Dale Arden: An ancient civilization. What a shame we'll never know what it was like.
Dr. Hans Zarkov: I... wouldn't say never, Dale.
Thun: And what is that?
Dr. Hans Zarkov: A retroscope. It shows things as they once were, observe.

Dale Arden: [after landing in the north polar region of Mongo] I'm glad our clothes are insulated.
Flash Gordon: Yeah, this isn't exactly Palm Springs.
Thun: A little chill does not bother a lion man.
Dale Arden: Of course not, you grow your own fur coat.

"Flash Gordon: Flash Gordon and the Planet of Death (#1.1)" (1954)
[Drako threatens to kill Dale with his paralysis beam unless Dr. Zakoff cooperates with his plan of universal domination]
Dr. Hans Zarkov: Dale, I can't let them do it.
Dale Arden: You must!
Dr. Hans Zarkov: I can't. I can't!
Dale Arden: You must... and you will.

Dale Arden: That little man, Professor Jellis, was able to topple over that huge idol? How? Where did he get the strength?
Flash Gordon: Sometimes a man finds strength within himself he didn't know was there. Professor Jellis saw his chance and found the power to balance his books.
Dr. Hans Zarkov: With a little to spare.

[last lines]
Flash Gordon: The truth will be our secret. Ready for take-off. Chart a course for home, will you, Dale?
Dale Arden: Already did.

"Flash Gordon: Chapter Eleven: King Flash (#1.11)" (1979)
Dale Arden: Will Flash be all right, Dr. Zarkov?
Dr. Hans Zarkov: As I told you, he will retain something of a dual personality.
Dale Arden: But, he will be my - our... the Flash we know?
Dr. Hans Zarkov: Judge for yourself.

Prince Barin: I am pleased you are unharmed, Dale Arden, and as beautiful as ever.
Dale Arden: [sighs] I'm afraid not. Mongo's a little short of beauty parlors.

Prince Barin: What's there to complain about? Good companions, a beautiful woman and plenty of fighting to be done. Who could ask for anything more?
Flash Gordon: A way out of here. And I know how to get it.
Dale Arden: I'll bet it's got something to do with Azura.

"Flash Gordon: Chapter Thirteen: Castaways in Tropica (#1.13)" (1979)
Dale Arden: [about Flash and Zarkov] Like a couple of kids with a new toy.

Dr. Hans Zarkov: We are out of fuel. But, that's impossible.
Flash Gordon: Not if one of those lasers of Ming's scored a hit when we were making our exit.
Dale Arden: I eh, think we passed the last service station a few miles back.

Flash Gordon: [to Dale and Dr. Zarkov] You two start tying draperies, whatever you can find, into a rope.
Dale Arden: What about you?
Flash Gordon: [about to leave via the balcony] Oh, I'm going to rescue a Queen.

"Flash Gordon: The Game/The Seed (#2.3)" (1982)
Dale Arden: I never knew you had it in you! You're the best dancer out here.
Flash Gordon: Natch! They don't call me The Flash for nothing.

Dale Arden: [the entire palace is shaking] What's going on?
Flash Gordon: Would you believe... a Mongo-quake?

Dale Arden: The game? Arena? What was that guy talking about?
Flash Gordon: I hope the Super Bowl!

"Flash Gordon: Beware of Gifts/The Memory Bank of Ming (#2.7)" (1982)
Flash Gordon, Dale Arden: Ming!
[Gremlin exclaims and flies off]
Ming the Merciless: Good evening, Flash and Dale.
Dale Arden: What do you want from us, Ming?
Ming the Merciless: I want the people of Arboria to know I intend to stop this senseless warring on Mongo. I have had a change of heart.
Flash Gordon: I didn't know you had a heart.

Flash Gordon: So much for the computerized Ming. Even his memory bank was a sore loser!
Dale Arden: Hey, I won fair and square. It's another example of women's superiority over machine.

"Flash Gordon: Chapter Six: Into the Water World (#1.6)" (1979)
Flash Gordon: Ming's patrols will never find us in this pea soup!
Dale Arden: Will we find our way out?
Flash Gordon: Relax, Dale. We found our way in, we'll find our way out.

Dale Arden: This planet seems to be filled with dungeons!
Captain Triton: Thanks to our glorious Emperor, Mongo remains a barbaric planet.

"Flash Gordon: Chapter Two: The Monsters of Mongo (#1.2)" (1979)
Flash Gordon: [being attacked by a giant lizard] Dale, Thun, spread out, run for it! I'll try to lead it off.
Dale Arden: Hey, I'm no wilting violet, I share the risks with you.
Flash Gordon: One for all and all for one.

Dale Arden: Oh, those horrible things. I thought I was lost.
Flash Gordon: Not as long as I live, Dale.

"Flash Gordon: The Breath of Death (#1.8)" (1954)
Dale Arden: I don't know what you're worried about, Flash. I can take care of myself and if I can't you can.

Dale Arden: He flutters over me like a mother hen. You know, Flash is a funny person. With all his modern skill and intelligence, he still has very old-fashioned 20th-Century ideas.
Commissioner Harrick: He also has a sixth sense where trouble is concerned.

"Flash Gordon: Witch Woman/Micro Menace (#2.4)" (1982)
Dale Arden: Don't try it, the monster's too close!
Flash Gordon: It's gonna get closer, unless we stop it.

Flash Gordon: Poor Gremlin, he thought he was hot stuff.
Dale Arden: But not as hot as that mustard.

"Flash Gordon: Chapter Five: The Beast Men's Prey (#1.5)" (1979)
Dale Arden: Flash, what are they going to do to us?
Flash Gordon: Whatever they have in mind, I don't think we're going to like it.

Flash Gordon: The Greatest Adventure of All (1982) (TV)
Dale Arden: What kind of a place is this, Flash?
Flash Gordon: Savage! It's like Earth... during prehistoric times.

"Flash Gordon: The Subworld Revenge (#1.39)" (1955)
Dr. Hans Zarkov: I'd like to say "Better luck next time, Zaldoo" - you won't have one - but now you have a parting message to send to your subjects.
Flash Gordon: It's short and sweet - tell them to turn off the fire blaster.
Dale Arden: Or the Mighty Zaldoo will be mighty sorry.

"Flash Gordon: Chapter Eight: The Frozen World (#1.8)" (1979)
Flash Gordon: We'll get back to Earth one day, I promise you that.
Dale Arden: As long as we're together, Flash, it doesn't matter which planet we're on.

"Flash Gordon: Life Source (#1.6)" (2007)
Dale Arden: The thing I've noticed about visitors from Mongo is they're not exactly discreet.

"Flash Gordon: Chapter Nine: Monster of the Glacier (#1.9)" (1979)
Dale Arden: I don't mean to interrupt, but Thun's found logs to build a raft.
Dr. Hans Zarkov: [standing atop the finished wooden raft] It may not be the Queen Elizabeth, but it's our ticked out of here.

"Flash Gordon: The Freedom Balloon/Sacrifice of the Volcano Men (#2.6)" (1982)
Dale Arden: Hm. I'm more interested in learning the survival techniques of the Venusiam kangaroo.

"Flash Gordon: Chapter Sixteen: Ming's Last Battle (#1.16)" (1980)
Dale Arden: Captain Erzine, you must be happy with Ming's victory?
Captain Erzine: I am never happy when brave men and women are defeated. But, I only serve my emperor.

"Flash Gordon: Chapter Twelve: Tournament of Death (#1.12)" (1979)
Flash Gordon: I don't understand what's wrong with Barin.
Dale Arden: I do. He's jealous of you.
Flash Gordon: That's crazy! Barin's the finest, strongest, brightest man I ever knew.
Dale Arden: He thinks Princess Aura loves you.
[Zarkov nods in agreement]
Flash Gordon: But that's ridiculous. I don't love her, and if she has any feeling for me, well, it can only be infatuation.
Dale Arden: I wish I was that sure...
Flash Gordon: [chuckles] Well I am, and that's what counts!

"Flash Gordon: Death in the Negative (#1.34)" (1955)
Flash Gordon: Dale, as Dr. Zarkov's assistant, you must have an idea as to what caused that reversal from black to white and white to black.
Dale Arden: Dr. Zarkov says it's a ray of some kind that neutralizes the beneficial properties of the sun and eliminates photosynthesis.
Flash Gordon: What does that do?
Dale Arden: That reduces the chemical content of oxygen to a point where life can't be sustained.

"Flash Gordon: Chapter Ten: Blue Magic (#1.10)" (1979)
Dale Arden: If the Witch Queen rules Syk absolutely, why do you call it a kingdom?
Thun: They say that Syk was once ruled by the most powerful of all kings. Ming the Merciless was but his High Priest. This mighty monarch left Mongo, seeking other worlds to conquer and the blue witch Azura keeps his memory alive for he was her one true love through all the mists of time.
Dale Arden: [to Flash] With my luck, she'll think you're the reincarnation of her lost love.

"Flash Gordon: Chapter Fourteen: The Desert Hawk (#1.14)" (1979)
Flash Gordon: [Flash and Dale embrace and kiss] Missed me?
Dale Arden: Of course not.

"Flash Gordon: Sir Gremlin/Deadly Double (#2.2)" (1982)
Dale Arden: Too bad, Thun, but they don't call me the First Lady of Football for nothing.

"Flash Gordon: Flash Gordon and the Return of the Androids (#1.10)" (1954)
Tridorn: You'll pay for that Gordon! The location of the power source or the girl dies.
Dale Arden: Don't talk, Flash!