Mitchell Stevens
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Mitchell Stevens (Character)
from The Sweet Hereafter (1997)

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The Sweet Hereafter (1997)
Mitchell Stephens: I did not have to go as far as I was prepared to go, but I was prepared to go all the way.

Nicole: No matter what I'm asked I'lltell the truth.
Mitchell Stephens: It's not going to be easy Nicole.
Nicole: I won't lie.

Mitchell Stephens: Well, enough rage and helplessness and your love turns to something else.
Alison: What... does it turn to?
Mitchell Stephens: It turns to steaming piss.

Mitchell Stephens: I can help you.
Billy Ansell: Not unless you can raise the dead.

Billy Ansell: Mitchell Stephens, Esquire. Tell me, would you be likely to sue me if I was to beat you right now? I mean, beat you so bad you piss blood and couldn't walk for a month. Because that's what I'm about to do.
Mitchell Stephens: No, Mr. Ansel. I wouldn't sue you.
Billy Ansell: You leave us alone, Stephens. You leave the people of this town alone.

[phone ringing]
Mitchell Stephens: That's my daughter. Or it may be the police to tell me they've found her dead. She's a drug addict.
Billy Ansell: Why are you telling me this?
Mitchell Stephens: Why am I telling you this, Mr. Ansel? Because we've all lost our children. They're dead to us.

Mitchell Stephens: Tell me your news, Zoe.
Zoe: Okay. Yesterday I went to sell my blood. I'm in this fucking city, and I'm selling my blood.
Mitchell Stephens: That's not news, Zoe.
Zoe: No, but this is. They wouldn't take my blood. Do you know what that means, Daddy? Does it register? I tested positive.
Zoe: Welcome to hard times, Daddy.
Mitchell Stephens: What do you want me to do, Zoe? I'll do whatever you want.
Zoe: I need money.
Mitchell Stephens: What for?
Zoe: No, you CANNOT ask me that. YNot anymore. You asked me what I wanted, not what I wanted it for. I want money.
Mitchell Stephens: Do you have a blood test?
Zoe: You don't believe me? You don't FUCKING believe me?... I like it when you don't believe me. It's better that you don't believe me, but have to act like you do.

Dolores: I remember wrenching the steering wheel to the right and slapping my foot against the brake petal. I wasn't the driver anymore. The bus was like this huge wave about to break over us. Bear Otto, the Lambston kids, the Hamiltons, the Prescotts, the teenaged boys and girls from Bartlett Hill Road, Pete, Suzy, Laura, Rick, Sean Walker, Nicole Burnell, Billy Ansel's twins, Jessica and Mason... all the children of my town.
[begins sobbing]
Mitchell Stephens: Then what happened?

Mitchell Stephens: [speaking of his estranged daughter's feeling for him and her mother when she was a child] She loved us both equally then... Just as she hates us both equally now.

Mitchell Stephens: Something's happening that's taking our children away.

Mitchell Stephens: You'd make a good poker player, kid.