Col. Winter
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Col. Winter (Character)
from The Last Castle (2001)

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The Last Castle (2001)
Irwin: [Winter is trying to compromise with Irwin] No. Not OK. It's too late, Colonel.
Winter: It's too late for what?
Irwin: For your offer. The men don't want to salute. They don't want to use rank. They don't want better food, they don't want more TV. They just want your resignation. And so do I.
Winter: My resignation?
Irwin: You're a disgrace, Colonel. A *disgrace* to the uniform! You should not be allowed to retain your command.
Winter: Well, then, I guess I'd better go pack.
Irwin: I think you should.
Winter: Tell me, Mr. Irwin, what's to stop me from just placing you in the HOLE, for say six months?
Irwin: Nothing. If that's the way you want to win.

Gen. Wheeler: You know, I've been hearing some pretty disturbing things about what goes on in here, and now I'm hearing them from a man I trust and who's opinions I respect!
Winter: May I speak freely, sir?
Gen. Wheeler: Granted.
Winter: With all due respect, sir, I don't know what you've been 'hearing'. But until you've spent some time in the yard with those animals you have no idea what happens in here.
Gen. Wheeler: Point taken, Colonel. Nevertheless, if I hear of anyone else dying under your command, you are THROUGH here. Do YOU understand ME?
Winter: Yes, sir.

Irwin: Colonel. I'm taking command of your prison.
Winter: Like hell you are!

Yates: I thought there was one thing that you should know, when they take the castle the are going to hang the flag upside down.
Winter: Upside down?
Yates: It's the international sign of distress.
Winter: Yes I know what it means. Where exactly do the plan to get a flag?
Yates: They already have one... Yours.
Winter: My Flag?...
[goes to his flag box, sees that the flag is gone]
Winter: Peretz who was in here yesterday?
Yates: I took it you murdering fuck!
Winter: I thought you were smarter than that.
Yates: Ya I know you did.

Gen. Wheeler: You thought he was going to try to take me hostage?
Winter: Yes, sir, it was a precautionary move.
Gen. Wheeler: What the hell kind of grab-ass unit are you running here, Colonel?

[observing Irwin "leading" the inmates in rebuilding the wall]
Winter: Bring him to my office!
Capt. Peretz: Who's that?
Winter: The Prince of Venezuela! Who do you think I mean?
Capt. Peretz: General Irwin.
Winter: *Mr* Irwin!

Winter: What do you expect from your time at The Castle?
Irwin: Nothing. I just want to do my time, and go home.
Winter: That is the perfect answer.

Winter: See, I too share the burden of command. You may not think that I've ever set foot on a battlefield, but that's because you've never sat behind this desk. This desk! My men and I are vastly outnumbered. We spend every day behind enemy lines because, make no mistake about it, Mr. Irwin, they are the enemy! But then, I don't have to justify myself to YOU, do I, Mr. Irwin?
Irwin: I don't know. Do you?

Winter: Tell me, Mr. Yates, how does a man like you get into West Point?
Yates: My father was a winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor, sir.
Winter: [with disdain] Oh, right. Sometimes the apple does fall far from the tree.

Winter: Give me back my flag!
Irwin: It's not your flag.

Winter: Do you see how easy it is to manipulate men?

Gen. Wheeler: I don't think you really want to make general, do you Colonel? I mean, you'd have to give up all of these perks.
Gen. Wheeler: Sorry, go on.
Winter: Yesterday Mr. Irwin told me he required my resignation. Frankly I think he's started to lose the plot.
Gen. Wheeler: You saying he's delusional?
Winter: I'm saying he needs professional psychiatric help. He's sick and becoming pathetic.
Gen. Wheeler: Uh, you might want to be a little careful with your word choice. That sick, pathetic man put this star on my shoulder.
Winter: Yes, sir. I know. I also know that you sat in on his court martial.
Gen. Wheeler: [sternly] And DON'T talk about things that are above your pay-grade! Hmm?
Winter: [contrite] Yes, sir.