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Quotes for
Seth Frank (Character)
from Absolute Power (1997)

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Absolute Power (1997)
Medical Examiner: Looks like he tried to strangle her.
Seth Frank: He strangled her, then he went to the door to shoot her from behind?
Medical Examiner: He also inspected her vagina.
Seth Frank: He did *what*? Why?
Laura Simon: Maybe he didn't remember that he did her.
Seth Frank: A strong burglar with a weak mind. Obviously another open-and-shut case.

Seth Frank: Why does he bother to dig a slug out of the wall when he knows there's already another one stuck in her head?
Laura Simon: Uh, different from the one in her body?
Seth Frank: Two guns means two burglars. They broke in together, they both went out the window? That's bullshit! And by the way, why did he, or they, go out the window in the first place when he, or they, got in by breaking a zillion-dollar security system?

Repairman: Just part of my job.
Seth Frank: I hate it when people say that. "Just part of my job." It *is* your fucking job.

[while staking out the cafe, waiting for Luther to show up]
Bill Burton: [offering] Tums?
Seth Frank: [holds up a roll] Got my own.

Walter Sullivan: For eighty years, I've tried to live... a decent life. I've given a billion dollars to charity. If this comes to trial... none of that will be remembered. I'll just go out... the joke of the world.
Seth Frank: I understand, sir. I'll do what I can.
Walter Sullivan: [chuckles] Will you listen to me whine? I apologize, Mr. Frank. Bother me all you want, just do your job. And I'll try to do mine.

Laura Simon: Who is he?
Seth Frank: That's Luther Whitney. One of the great thieves of the world.

Kate Whitney: Quit wasting my time. He doesn't want you to find him, you're not gonna find him.
Seth Frank: You're saying what? He left town, he skipped the country? What?
Kate Whitney: I'm saying, you won't recognize him. I'm saying, he could be right around the corner.

Seth Frank: Kate, he's on the run and he's scared. And he's right to be scared, 'cause he's gonna get caught. You don't know the heat on this.

Seth Frank: You know who did it, don't you?
Luther Whitney: So do you. Check your phones.

Seth Frank: Pacemaker, my ass.