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Andrea (Character)
from The Guns of Navarone (1961)

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The Guns of Navarone (1961)
Col. Andrea Stavros: [Andrea meets his team again in the ruins of St Alexis] Good evening, Gentlemen
Col. Andrea Stavros: Obviously this place has been used before.
Corporal Miller: Any food around?
Col. Andrea Stavros: I regret to say, no.

[what to do with Franklin after he broke his leg scaling the cliff; take him along, or leave him behind for the Germans]
Col. Andrea Stavros: There is of course a third choice. One bullet now. Better for him, better for us. You take that man along,you endanger us all.
Corporal Miller: Why don't we just drop him off the cliff and save a bullet?
Capt. Keith Mallory: And why don't you shut up? Yes, there's a third choice. We'll make it if necessary, when it's necessary, and not before.

Capt. Keith Mallory: And what about the two thousand men on Kheros?
Corporal Miller: I don't know the man on Kheros! But I do know the man on Navarone!
Col. Andrea Stavros: Mr. Miller, the man was finished when he fell.
Corporal Miller: [angry] That's easy for you to say, sitting there, drinking coffee.

Corporal Miller: [watching Andrea poking around the room] What are you doing, friend? Checking for dust?
Col. Andrea Stavros: No, friend, microphones.
Corporal Miller: This is the British Army post, man! Don't you trust anybody?
Col. Andrea Stavros: No! That is why I have lived so long.

[Hearing someone coming, Andrea draws a revolver and aims it at the door. Mallory enters]
Mallory: Surprised?
Col. Andrea Stavros: I did not think I would see you again so soon.
Mallory: Did you think you'd have to come looking for me?
Col. Andrea Stavros: When the time came, I would find you.

Capt. Keith Mallory: They told us Pappadimos was a man
Maria Pappadimos: My father. He was taken two days ago.
Col. Andrea Stavros: He was taken?
Maria Pappadimos: He told them nothing. He will die first.

Maria Pappadimos: [while she is driving the truck, she is totally unaware of Mallory's and Stavrou's past and how a mistake by Mallory had led to the deaths of Stavrou wife and children and how Stavrou vowed to kill Mallory after the war to avenge his wife's and family's death. Stavrou hates Mallory. Mallory is sitting right between Maria and Stavrou] Sir?
Mallory: Yes.
Maria Pappadimos: No, not you, sir. Mr. Stavrou.
Col. Andrea Stavros: Hmm?
Maria Pappadimos: Tell me about yourself.
Col. Andrea Stavros: What do you want to know?
Maria Pappadimos: Are you married?
Col. Andrea Stavros: I have been married. My wife and children were killed.
Maria Pappadimos: Have you killed many people?
Col. Andrea Stavros: Only Germans. Oh, some Italians too.
Maria Pappadimos: Captain Mallory?
Mallory: Yes.
Maria Pappadimos: You are a lucky man.
Mallory: Yes, I know.
Maria Pappadimos: Mr. Stavrou?
Col. Andrea Stavros: Yes?
Maria Pappadimos: I like you.
Col. Andrea Stavros: [Stavrou turns his head in surprise to look at Maria] I like you too.
[maria turns her head to look at Stavrou and smiles and returns her attention to driving. Mallory gives a sly smile to Stavrou]