Annabelle Farrell
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Annabelle Farrell (Character)
from The Replacements (2000)

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The Replacements (2000)
Shane Falco: You, ah, wanna come on board for a beer?
Annabelle Farrell: Nothing personal, Shane, but I don't date football players.
Shane Falco: I don't blame you. Not even quaterbacks?
Annabelle Farrell: Especially not quarterbacks. You guys are the biggest babies of all.

Annabelle Farrell: [while Annabelle's driving Falco home recklessly. Falco is slightly distracted by this] So why were you staying in the pocket in practice today? Normally, I wouldn't comment to a quarterback about his style, but you need to keep scrambling against Detroit, especially with Prescott back in the lineup.
Shane Falco: Prescott hasn't crossed.
Annabelle Farrell: He's going to on Sunday. They're keeping it quiet so you don't have time to prepare.
Shane Falco: How do you know that?
Annabelle Farrell: One of my friend's a cheerleader for Detroit, she tipped me off. Since Prescott's a left-sided linebacker; shotgun formation and roll right.
Shane Falco: Van Gundy's on the right.
Annabelle Farrell: I know, he's been All-Pro two years in a row. But, one of my cheerleaders is friends with a girl whose sister just broke up with Van Gundy, said he's been on a drinking binge ever since she left him.
Shane Falco: Yeah?
Annabelle Farrell: He's hung over! A good second slower off the snap than usual.
Shane Falco: So I should stick to the right side.
Annabelle Farrell: Unless what they say about Martinez is true.