Daniel Bateman
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Daniel Bateman (Character)
from The Replacements (2000)

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The Replacements (2000)
[Danny has tackled Shane during practice]
Jimmy McGinty: Good hit. Danny, in practice we don't hit the guys in the red shirts.
Daniel Bateman: I know, Coach, but I see that red and I just wanna go after it, like a bull, you know?

Shane Falco: I think I'm just going to lie here for a moment and collect my thoughts.
Daniel Bateman: Work shit out, right?

Daniel Bateman: Hey!
Shane Falco: Danny! Remember what I said about red shirts in practice?
Daniel Bateman: Yeah.
Shane Falco: Forget about it!
Daniel Bateman: Ok.
Shane Falco: Martel!
[Falco punches Martel. Then Danny tackles Martel]

Jimmy McGinty: [stopping Danny before he runs on the field] Danny, I need the ball.
Daniel Bateman: You need the ball.
Jimmy McGinty: I need you to get me the ball.
Daniel Bateman: I'm going to get you the ball.
Jimmy McGinty: [starts shouting repeatedly to rev Danny up] Are you gonna get me the ball!
Daniel Bateman: [shouting back repeatedly] I wanna get you the ball!
[then runs on the field]
Jimmy McGinty: I hope he doesn't kill someone.

Jimmy McGinty: [Danny returns to him with the ball he got in the last play] You got me the ball.
Daniel Bateman: I got you the ball.
Jimmy McGinty: You got me the ball.
Daniel Bateman: I got you the ball.
Jimmy McGinty: [shouts repeatedly] You got me the ball!
Daniel Bateman: [shouts repeatedly] I got you the ball!
[then whistle blows]
Jimmy McGinty: [speaking calmly] Go sit down now, Danny.
Daniel Bateman: Okay.
[McGuinty then lets out a relieving sigh]