Sally Salt
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Sally Salt (Character)
from The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988)

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The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988)
Sally: Are you all right?
Baron Munchausen: Am I dead?
Sally: No.
Baron Munchausen: Blast!
Sally: Who are you really?
Baron Munchausen: [groans]
Sally: Baron Munchausen isn't real, he's only in stories.
Baron Munchausen: Go away! I'm trying to die!
Sally: Why?
Baron Munchausen: Because I'm tired of the world and the world is evidently tired of me.
Sally: But why? Why?
Baron Munchausen: Why, why, why! Because it's all logic and reason now. Science, progress, laws of hydraulics, laws of social dynamics, laws of this, that, and the other. No place for three-legged cyclops in the South Seas. No place for cucumber trees and oceans of wine. No place for me.

Baron Munchausen: You do believe me, don't you?
Sally: I'm doing my best.

Sally: You look different, younger.
Baron Munchausen: I always feel rejuvenated by a touch of adventure. For heaven's sake, don't you get any younger or I'll have to find a wet nurse.

[the Queen's head comes to rescue the Baron]
Baron Munchausen: Where exactly is Roger?
Queen Ariadne: In bed, with my body, of course. OH!
[makes a series of high-pitched moans and squeals]
Queen Ariadne: Stop it. Stop it!
[to the Baron]
Queen Ariadne: If he discovers my head's with you - ooh! Quickly, quickly. Quickly! Climb into my hair.
[continuing to whimper]
Sally: Why is she making those funny noises?
Baron Munchausen: Um, her body is with the King, and he is, uh... tickling her feet.

Baron Munchausen: What's this?
Vulcan: Oh, this is our prototype. RX, uh, Intercontinental, radar-sneaky, multi-warheaded nuclear missile.
Baron Munchausen: Ah! What does it do?
Vulcan: Do? Kills the enemy.
Baron Munchausen: All the enemy?
Vulcan: Aye, all of them. All their wives, and all their children, and all their sheep, and all their cattle, and all their cats and dogs. All of them. All of them gone for good.
Sally: That's horrible.
Vulcan: Ahh. Well, you see, the advantage is you don't have to see one single one of them die. You just sit comfortably thousands of miles away from the battlefield and simply press the button.
Berthold: Well, where's the fun in that?

Sally: It wasn't just a story, was it?
[the Baron tosses her a flower]

Sally: [to Vulcan] The Baron's kissing your wife.

Sally: Where's the fun in that?
Vulcan: Oh, we cater for all types here. You'd be surprised.

Sally: Where's my brother?
Henry Salt: You don't have a brother.
Sally: It says "And son". I'm your daughter.
Henry Salt: I should never have taught you to read. "And son" is traditional.

Sally: [the King of the Moon has imprisoned Sally and the Baron in a cage] 'One of the King's favourites'!
Baron Munchausen: This cage isn't real, just part of the King's lunacy.
Sally: [stamping on the metal floor] Seems solid enough to me.
Baron Munchausen: I see we're in a not-very-helpful frame of mind...