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Alec Stewart (Character)
from Speed Zone (1989)

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Speed Zone (1989)
Alec: So, Vic. What do you think of my idea of writing down the license numbers now?
Vic DeRubis: Yeah, yeah, yeah! It's a great idea! How many times you gotta bring it up?
[on phone]
Vic DeRubis: Uh, the license is as follows: R-I-C-H... Uh, I think that spells "Rich"... Kids... with a "k"... for "kids".

Vic DeRubis: Alec?
Alec Stewart: Did you talk to Big Wally?
Vic DeRubis: Yeah, yeah. I told him you got away on me. He was very... unhappy.
Alec Stewart: Trust me. It's the BRIGHTEST move you ever made.
Vic DeRubis: Yeah, well, meanwhile, my reputation as an enforcer has been permanently... soiled.
Alec Stewart: But when we win, you just say you caught up with me and I gave you the 50 grand, then we SPLIT the other 50 grand and everyones happy.
Vic DeRubis: Right. Hey! (Grabs Alec) WAIT A MINUTE! The deal is: I get 35, YOU get 15.
Alec Stewart: Isn't that what I said?
Vic DeRubis: You just said we'd split it.
Alec Stewart: But I didn't say we'd split it EVENLY. YOU get 15, and I get 35.
Both: Right.
Vic DeRubis: And if we don't win?
Alec Stewart: Then you kill me.
[Long silence, then both enter the Jag]

Alec: Look, what would Big Wally rather have? Me dead or his fifty grand?
Vic DeRubis: Both.

[Vic looks over the roadblock with binoculars]
Vic DeRubis: Get in the car, Alec.
Alec: What?
Vic DeRubis: Get in the car, Alec! I'm gonna drive!
Alec: Vic, you turn that frown upside-down right now!
[Vic grabs Alec by the collar]
Vic DeRubis: I'll turn YOU upside-down right now!

[Alec races towards the finish in the police car]
Alec Stewart: Four to one, Vic! The Jag wins!
Vic DeRubis: Yeah, but we're not in the Jag.
Alec Stewart: It doesn't matter, Vic! The Jag wins, we win!
Alec Stewart: [singing] But more, much more than this, I did it my way!

[Alec hides in the bathroom after the race is cancelled]
Vic DeRubis: Open it, Alec! There ain't no race, so I gotta kill you!
Alec Stewart: I can't let you do it, Vic! You'll hate yourself in the morning!