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Jamie Blake (Character)
from The Cannonball Run (1981)

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The Cannonball Run (1981)
Fenderbaum: We've got a secret weapon. God is our co-pilot!
The Greek: You'll need him!
Jamie Blake: *God* is our copilot?
Fenderbaum: Uh huh...
Jamie Blake: Remember our car?
Fenderbaum: Uh huh...
Jamie Blake: Two seats?
Fenderbaum: Two seats...
Jamie Blake: Where's he gonna sit?
Jamie Blake: Where's he gonna sit?

Fenderbaum: Why'd he call me Shorty?
Jamie Blake: 'Cause you're small. Small. S - M - all.

[Brad drives through the bar on his motorcycle]
Fenderbaum: What in the hell was that?
Jamie Blake: Oh, that must've been the entry of the National Safety Council.

Fenderbaum: Isn't that J.J. McClure?
Jamie Blake: He's nothing. Don't worry about him. It's the Blimp next to him! The Blimp! When he puts on that mask, he'll blow your goddamn doors off!

Jamie Blake: That's a good-looking piece! and cunningly disguised so it won't look like a racing car, you know. The cops would never give that a second glance!
Jill Rivers: 220 miles an hour and they aren't gonna get a second glance!

[J.J. and Victor are pulled over by two priests in a red Ferrari]
Victor Prinsi: Nice car, Father!
Jamie Blake: Thank you, asshole.

[JJ has "tackled" all the other contestants at the end]
Seymour Goldfarb Jr: Well, I must say, that's not a very sporting way to win.
Jamie Blake: No, it was a shitty way to win!

Jamie Blake: If we were Methodists we'd have a good shot at gettin' laid

Fenderbaum: [noticing Blake acting oddly at bar] What is it?
Jamie Blake: Look at the chicks! Boy, if we were Methodists, what a shot we could have had of getting laid right here.
[guy at bar overhearing spits his drink out]

Jamie Blake: I just want to thank you for informin' them about us back in Missouri. You know, how we're flashers and sex maniacs.
J.J. McClure: Well, I was just repayin' you for what you and the chocolate monk did back in Ohio.
Fenderbaum: Chocolate Monk?
Jamie Blake: He can say that. Yeah, he can say that, cause he's ridin' around with the "Good Year" blimp!
J.J. McClure: [Looking at Vic] He can say that. He can say that cause if I had the time, I'd take those rosary beads and shove em up your nose.
Jamie Blake: These rosary beads? Up this nose?
J.J. McClure: Yeah.
Jamie Blake: Will ya take a little advice? Bring friends.
Fenderbaum: Ha! Lots of em.

Cannonball Run II (1984)
Blake: We're gonna die. We're gonna die, we're gonna die. What do you think they're gonna do to us?
Fenderbaum: I don't know what they're gonna do to you, but since Mr. T ain't here, I'll be too busy licking their boots to see.

Blake: Is the Blimp driving?
Fenderbaum: No, it's the General.
Blake: The General? Oh, I'm gonna make a private outta him.

Blake: Don't you worry, 'cause you know what I'm gonna do?
Fenderbaum: What?
Blake: I'm gonna take this car, and I'm gonna turn so that I block the whole highway sideways. And when they come, they're gonna have a choice, either to ditch it, or ram right straight into us.
Fenderbaum: Yeah. Yeah. Ditch it or... ram STRAIGHT INTO US?
Blake: Yup.

[Blake presents his date with two empty martini glasses]
Blake: When I make a dry martini, I make a dry martini.

Slim: Okay, you'll tell us.
Blake: We're gonna race to Connecticut and the one that wins gets a million dollars in cash.
Tony: Only a moron would back up a race like that!
Shiek: [the Shiek enters] Ah, Fenderbaum and Blake. Good to see you! You should be sleeping at this hour. Remember, we leave at noon tomorrow.
Shiek: [Fenderbaum directs the Shiek's attention to the Cannelonis] Wingtips? Barbarians! Come, come!
Shiek: [the Shiek hands Caesar a handful of money] Buy yourself a decent clothing store. Infidels!
Blake: [the Shiek leaves] That was the moron.
Caesar: You know, these liars could be telling the truth.

Blake, Fenderbaum: [in unison] J.J. That son of a bitch!

Fenderbaum: I been called a lot of things but I ain't never been called no commie.
Blake: I ain't even a Democrat!