Peter MacMannus
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Peter MacMannus (Character)
from Down with Love (2003)

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Down with Love (2003)
Vickie Hiller: Barbara?
Peter MacMannus: Vickie!
Catcher Block: Nancy!
Peter MacMannus: Who are you calling Nancy?

Peter MacMannus: I think Vickie was only talking about marriage so I'd wanna have sex with her. And then I did, and now she never talks to me, except to come back for more. And I always give in. I feel so used.

[trying to follow Vicky out of a Japanese restaurant]
Peter MacMannus: Where's my geisha? I need my shoes.

Peter MacMannus: Catch, you are the best friend a guy with twenty diagnosed neuroses ever had.
Catcher Block: Oh, we've been friends a long time... I knew you when you only had twelve.

[about Barbara Novak]
Catcher Block: You said she was a spinster.
Peter MacMannus: I've never used the word "spinster" in my life. Okay, once, when I told my mother it was technically incorrect to call her son a spinster.

[Catcher is talking about his socks to Peter; his secretary eavesdrops on the intercom mid-conversation]
Peter MacMannus: What would you say is the average length, for most men?
Catcher Block: How would I know? You think I spend all my time in the locker room at the club making a comparative study?
Peter MacMannus: Let me see yours again, then. We could measure. I'll get a ruler.
Catcher Block: Better make it a yardstick!
Peter MacMannus: Let's be accurate. Make sure you've got it fully extended. Have it up the whole way.
Catcher Block: It stays up all the way, all day long, man! That's the miracle I was telling you about: better living through chemistry. You got... 16 inches.
Peter MacMannus: 16 inches! How long does a man's hose have to be?
Catcher Block: That's 32 inches of confidence in every step. Don't forget - I've got two of 'em!
[the secretary faints]

Peter MacMannus: [trying to sound seductive] Hello, Vicky.
Vickie Hiller: [rolls her eyes] Hello, Peter
Peter MacMannus: [shouts] Are you in love with that football player?

Vickie Hiller: The men who resent my success won't give me the time of day, and the men who respect my success won't give me the time of night.
Peter MacMannus: If you give me the chance, I'd respect you and resent you day and night, and night and day!

Vickie Hiller: At one point, I had even convinced myself that life was all one big zany sex comedy and you had switched keys with the lead to use his swinging pad to snare me.
Peter MacMannus: I did! I did switch keys with the lead!

Peter MacMannus: You're fired.
Catcher Block: No I'm not.
Peter MacMannus: Oh, Yes you are.

Peter MacMannus: We Americans? Why? Nazis are bad; we're good.

Catcher Block: You see Lola shakes her maracas and Rosa bounces her bongo's while Nina is all hands. 120 words a minute.
Peter MacMannus: The story? It's written? Whoa, Catch! But is it safe to print? NASA is gonna blow its stack.
Catcher Block: Well, they forgave Germany. They can forgive us.

Catcher Block: I don't care about sex anymore. I just want to get married.
Peter MacMannus: Well me too. But fat chance now.

Peter MacMannus: 4,000,000 women in the naked city, and the one you let get away, the one you had to get on the bad side of, is the one all the other 4,000,000 are listening to.

Peter MacMannus: It's not like Catch to be late.
Barbara Novak: No, he usually calls to cancel right on time...

Peter MacMannus: Crush her, squash her! If not for the sake of civilization, then just for me!

Peter MacMannus: Then I see this! "Item! KNOW's Magazine Star - Journalist, Catcher Block - Ladies' Man, Man's Man, Man About Town - was seen leaving the Copa last night with a doggie bag and three girls from the floor show!"
Catcher Block: [laughs] I took the Bossa Nova Triplets to Cocoa Beach. NASA was throwing a luau.
Peter MacMannus: Well, I hope you're happy. Because unless you found Nazis at your luau, you're fired!
Catcher Block: [stares at him with a smug smile on his face]
Peter MacMannus: There *were* Nazis hiding at your luau! I knew it!

Peter MacMannus: She's thrown away everything you've sent her; flowers, chocolates, a $6000 Celestron telescope that wasn't yours to send because it was mine.

Peter MacMannus: Vicki?
Peter MacMannus: Where are you?
Vickie Hiller: [trapped under a couch] I don't know.