Pete Garrison
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Pete Garrison (Character)
from The Sentinel (2006)

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The Sentinel (2006)
David Breckinridge: Tom DiPaola said he called you four times yesterday. You never returned any of his messages, and that you almost missed the Marine One flight yesterday.
Pete Garrison: They moved the flight up two hours. I was in the coffee shop. It was noisy. I couldn't hear my cell phone. Now wh-wh-what is this, alright? What the hell are you doing following me?
Hugo Ortega: Las Palmas Coffee Shop is a dead drop for the Baranquilla Cartel.
David Breckinridge: You screwed up, Pete. You walked into a stakeout. I want to know your number one go-to guy at the Cartel, and I want to know how you were going to help them kill the president.
Pete Garrison: Why would I want to kill the president? What motive do I have?
David Breckinridge: I don't know Pete, and to be honest with you, I don't care. I know what the evidence is telling me.
Pete Garrison: I have given my entire life to the Secret Service. I've gotten up at 4 a.m. every goddamn morning.
David Breckinridge: So is that what this is about? You're bitter after all your years of service that they didn't make you director?
Pete Garrison: Oh, no. Don't confuse your own ambition with mine. Okay, Dave?
David Breckinridge: Come on, Pete. Think about it. People would understand that. I mean, Jesus Christ, you took a bullet for the President of the United States. And in the 25 years since, you haven't even made shift supervisor on a presidential detail, and *that* I know you wanted. But they don't put guys who bend the rules, not even a little bit, in charge of P.P.D., do they? Even if they did take a bullet for the old man.
Pete Garrison: Is that your professional or personal opinion?

Pete Garrison: Dave, I love her.
David Breckinridge: Well, that's practical.

David Breckinridge: Holster your weapons! Holster your weapons! I am Agent Breckinridge, Lead Investigator. I issued the warrant on Pete Garrison.
Counter Sniper: [sniper sights on Garrison] ...subject in my sight. Do I take the shot?
President Ballentine: [continuing his speech] We must ratify the Kyoto Protocol. We must embrace the ideal of an African economic union!
Post Agent #2: He's a Do Not Admit.
Post Agent #1: We have orders!
David Breckinridge: I am countermanding your orders!
Post Agent #1: You don't control this sight. Montrose does.
Post Agent #2: [into sleeve microphone] Montrose--
David Breckinridge: Don't call him!
Pete Garrison: Montrose is the mole!
Post Agent #1: Montrose?
Post Agent #2: What's the procedure for *that*?

1st Lady Sarah Ballentine: How do you think it went in there?
Pete Garrison: Excuse me, ma'am, are you talking to me?
1st Lady Sarah Ballentine: Yes.
Pete Garrison: I thought it was, uh, an excellent speech.
1st Lady Sarah Ballentine: One to 10?
Pete Garrison: Ten, ma'am.
1st Lady Sarah Ballentine: You're not a very good liar, Pete.
Pete Garrison: Seriously?
1st Lady Sarah Ballentine: Yes, I- I really want to know.
Pete Garrison: 9.5.

Pete Garrison: You want to shoot me? Forget about the Kevlar. Shoot me in my face!

[is given Depends]
Pete Garrison: I'm gonna walk out the White House carrying this?

Jill Marin: [from trailer] A lot of people are looking for you.
Pete Garrison: I'm innocent dammit!

David Breckinridge: [while Pete is dusting a cup for prints] You know its my experience that a guilty man doesnt break into a police station to run prints.
Pete Garrison: I only had my phone on for 5 minutes!
David Breckinridge: [shrugs] I was in the neighborhood.

[last lines]
Pete Garrison: I'm gonna miss it.
David Breckinridge: It's gonna miss you too.

David Breckinridge: I know about the affair.
Pete Garrison: It wasn't with Cindy!
David Breckinridge: Oh, I know. The First Lady.