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Biography for
ponine (Character)
from Les Misérables (2012)

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Growing up in a reasonably wealthy household, Eponine is spoilt by her mother and ignored by her father, a dishonest inn keeper who finds any way to scam customers and gain more money. Eponine grows up alongside Cosette, who is taken in by the family after Fantine promises to pay them. The family fools Fantine into believing that Cosette is frequently ill and in doing so, repeatedly gets her to send them money, all the while using the young Cosette like a slave. The innkeepers bluntly give the best of everything to Eponine and her sister, leaving Cosette to suffer with ruthless chores until she is taken away by Valjean.

When the family runs out of money sometime after Valjean and Cosette leave, they lose their inn and move to Paris. There, the family falls into the despairs of poverty, begging for money on the street and scamming wealthy through false letters. They manage to rent a small apartment in the same building as Marius Pontmercy, a young student trying to find his own way after abandoning the clutches of his wealthy grandfather.

Over time, Eponine falls in love Marius. However, though a glimpse beauty still lingers, years of poverty have caught up with her. Her skinny body has not aged properly (a mix of preteen and fifty all in one), she has missing teeth, her voice is extremely hoarse, and her clothes are torn and unfitting, overexposing her chilled, malnutritioned body. Marius never sees her more than as a friend and falls for the now well-to-do Cosette, who, under Valjean's parentage, has grown into a beautiful and desirable young woman. Knowing that she is familiar with the streets due to her family's doings, Marius asks Eponine to track down Cosette for him. Seeing how much Marius wants this address and knowing that it will make him happy, she agrees to do so in order to please him ("Eponine's Errand").

Eponine locates Cosette and brings Marius to Valjean's garden, where she secretly confesses her love for Marius while she watches the two proclaim their love for one another ("In My Life - A Heart Full of Love"). Once Marius leaves after his visit, she hangs around and finds her father and a group of his allies coming to rob Valjean and Cosette's house. Her father does not even recognize her at first, though she remains unfazed and manages to get them to leave ("The Attack on the Rue Plumet"). Worrying that Javert has discovered his location, Valjean tells Cosette that they are to leave for England. Cosette details their emigration to Marius in a letter, which ends up in Eponine's hands.

Whilst wondering the empty streets of Paris, on her way to give Marius the note from Cosette, she sings "On My Own" and talks of the deep, unrequited love she feels for Marius--eventually leading him to the barricades ("One Day More").

At the barricades, dressed as a man so she can partake, Eponine attempts to block a bullet for Marius with her hand. However, the bullet penetrates through her hand and into her chest, fatally wounding her. After the incident leads to the discovery of her true identity, Marius confronts Eponine about her dire situation, and she gives Marius Cosette's letter, telling him to just let her be and comfort her. On her request, Marius holds her until she dies--while she confesses her love to him--and he gives her a kiss on the forehead once the "unhappy soul" departs ("A Little Fall of Rain").

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