Jean Valjean
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Biography for
Jean Valjean (Character)
from Les Misérables (2012)

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Released from a 19-year sentence in a French prison for stealing bread, Jean Valjean finds it difficult to give up his ways. He even ends up stealing from a kind Bishop who provided him shelter when nobody would accept him and is captured. After the Bishop frees him from the grasp of the soldiers, Valjean reforms and builds a new life. He becomes the master of a factory and the mayor of the town. In the process, he breaks his parole, causing his parole officer, now promoted to the rank of Inspector, Javert, to be on the lookout for him. After revealing his true identity to an entire courtroom, including Javert, to save a man who Javert had pinned as Valjean during this man's trial, Valjean makes a promise to a dying woman that he will care for her daughter. However, Javert will not allow him to leave if he has anything to do with it. He runs. He safely makes it away and rescues the daughter from the mistreatment of the Thenardiers, who had been watching Cosette for Fantine... for a price. He lives in solitude for 10 years while Cosette grows up. Soon, a rebellion is stirring in France. The poverty is unbearable and the people are starving. A group of students begins the building of a barricade. One of those students, Marius, and Cosette meet and fall in love at first sight. Valjean sends Cosette away for he fears that Javert has found him and that she is in danger. He goes to volunteer at the barricade and runs into Javert there. Javert had tried to trick the students. He is really spying for the French Army. The students discover it and keep him prisoner. After saving the students' leader, Enjolras, Valjean asks for the permission to deal with Javert. Enjolras grants it. Valjean lets him go, even though he is warned that the Inspector would hunt him down when this is over. After the battles, all the students are dead, save Marius, but he is badly injured. Valjean takes him safely to a caretaker and then disappears. In the end, Cosette and Marius are married and they find Valjean, but he is close to death. His spirit is then taken by an angel and is reunited with all who have been killed.

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