Kristy Earl
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Kristy Earl (Character)
from Wolf Creek (2005)

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Wolf Creek (2005)
Kristy Earl: [screaming at Taylor while she's tied-up] You loser!

Liz Hunter: Why would he lie?
Kristy Earl: Because he's a bloke.

Kristy Earl: Someone's got a crush on you.
Ben Mitchell: Yeah, Graham the attendant. I could tell.

Kristy Earl: [as Mick Taylor chases her by car] Fuck you...
[Mick drives alongside her car and gives her crazy glances]
Kristy Earl: FUCK YOU!

Kristy Earl: [Screaming hysterically] Please, don't kill me. Please!
[Mick fondles with his shotgun]
Kristy Earl: PLEASE! AH!
[Mick casually points his gun at her]
Kristy Earl: Please! Don't kill me! Please! NO! DON'T KILL ME!
[Mick's gun goes off but with no bullet; Mick laughs as Kristy continues screaming]
Mick Taylor: Well, nothing happens when the bolt's open, ya see?
[Mick takes a bullet and places it in his rifle; he clicks the gun]
Mick Taylor: UH-OH!
[Taylor points the gun at Kristy again and fires, but she is not hit with the bullet; it just barely misses her. She continues screaming in fear and Mick laughs]

Kristy Earl: [as she's tied up and gagged] Why are you doing this? Why?
[Mick ignores her]
Kristy Earl: Please! If you let me go, I won't tell anyone!
Mick Taylor: Shh, shh, shh!
Kristy Earl: I won't! I won't!
Mick Taylor: [Mick approaches her] Come on. Calm down! Listen to Uncle Michael...
Mick Taylor: Come on...
Mick Taylor: Now, as I keep tellin' ya, you know, I always use a rubber with you cunts! I don't know where you been.
Kristy Earl: [screaming] Fuck you!
Mick Taylor: [as he tries to touch Kristy in an attempt to rape her] Mmm... Mmmm... Mmmm...
Kristy Earl: Get away from me! Fuck you! Fuck you, cunt!
[Kristy spits on Mick]