Richie Tozier
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Richie Tozier (Character)
from "It" (1990)

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"It: Part 2 (#1.2)" (1990)
Eddie Kaspbrak: Lucky seven
Richie: Oh come on guys!
Richie: What the hell are you gonna do now?
Richie: Sing "Kumbaya"? Wake up.

Richie: I can see my fortune here: "you're going to be eaten by a huge scary monster"

Richie: [to Bill, Ben, Beverly and Eddie about going into the sewers to kill It] Oh come on, guys! What the hell are you gonna do now? Sing Kumbaya? Wake up. Take a breath. Do you smell that? That's death. It's not for Stan. It's not for Mike. It's not for Henry Bowers. It's for us. It's in the air. Losers fight It, losers die. And you know that, don't you Captain?

"It: Part 1 (#1.1)" (1990)
Young Richie: [in bad English accent, from offscreen] What's this? By George, Martha, it's the river Nile. And four, count them, four sphinxes.
Young Bill: Ruh-Richie...
Young Richie: You were expecting maybe Gunga Din?
Young Bev: [to Ben] That's Richie. He can drive you to the bughouse and back, but he's OK.
Young Richie: I heard that, you skirt. How ya doing, Bill? How ya doing, Eddie Spaghetti?
[gives Eddie a noogie]
Young Eddie: Don't do that, I hate it when you do that. And don't call me Eddie Spaghetti.
Young Richie: Oh, you love it, Eddie. It's what makes you so chuckalicious.
[to Ben]
Young Richie: Richie Tozier's my name, and doing voices is my game. This is Stan the Man Uris. Stanny's a Jew, which means he's really smart and says "oy" a lot.
Young Stan: Richie's got a high metabolism and it tends to make him hyperactive.