The Driver
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The Driver (Character)
from Star (2001/I)

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Star (2001/I)
[the Driver swerves to avoid a car, throwing the Star into the door]
The Driver: You just hang on tight, sir!
[Swerves in the opposite direction]
The Driver: We'll get you there safely!

The Driver: Let me see what I can do... sir.

Star: Take me wherever!
The Driver: Madam, I'm going to give you the ride of your life.

The Follow (2001)
The Driver: There's always something waiting at the end of the road. If you're not willing to see what it is, you probably shouldn't be out there in the first place.

The Driver: If you get too close, move into their blind spot. If you lose them, just keep moving. Hope for the best.

The Driver: If the target doubles back, never react. Whatever you do, don't get too close. Never meet their eyes.

Hostage (2002)
The Kidnapper: Show me the money. Oh, If I had known it'd be this easy, I'd have lost my mind a long time ago. Confirm the exact amount.
The Driver: Five million, 88- ...
The Kidnapper: No, no, no. Here. Write it. Write it down. Here, put it in writing.
[The Driver writes the currency amount $5,088,042 and shows it to The Kidnapper]
The Kidnapper: So how does it feel to hold a person's life in your hand?

The Kidnapper: Now, what's in that number? Two years missed salary, profit participation, bonuses. Mm, I've even had to pay for these power lunches. So, what's in a number? What's in a number? Ypu know what? Maybe nothing's in a number. Maybe a number is just a number.
The Driver: I don't get it. Why are you burning it all?
The Kidnapper: You know, whoever says you can't take it with you...
[FBI SWAT Team bursts in]

The Kidnapper: Beingold, Harry Beingold, Linda!
SWAT Team member: FBI! FBI! Drop your weapon! Put it down!
The Driver: Get back! We haven't got her yet!
[gun clicks]
The Kidnapper: You better hurry. Time and tide waits for no man.
The Driver: If you gonna do it, don't take her with you.
The Kidnapper: All I wanted was a gesture.
SWAT Team Commander: Suspect down! Suspect down! House is secure.
[phone beeps unable to call redial]
SWAT Team Commander: [The Driver recollects the Kidnapper's question]
The Kidnapper: How does it feel to hold a person's life in your hand? The dollar amount $5,088,042 is actually california phone number 508-8042.

Beat the Devil (2002)
[Flirting with the driver]
Devil: Well, you don't like, girls, do ya?
Driver: I do, actually.
Devil: Really? That's awful. You don't know what you're missing.