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Marshal Link Appleyard (Character)
from The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962)

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The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962)
Link Appleyard: As long as he behaves himself in this town, I ain't got no, ah...
Ransom Stoddard: Jurisdiction.
Link Appleyard: What he said is right. I ain't got none of it.

Ransom Stoddard: Marshal, I was wrong the other day. But I was reading up on territorial law, and there it is, right there. Now, I'll draw up the complaint, take care of all the legal details - but you *do* have jurisdiction. Says so right there. So next time he sets foot in this town, you'll arrest him.
Link Appleyard: Anything you say, Mr. Stoddard. I'll be tickled to... death... *what* was that? Arrest *who*?
Ransom Stoddard: Liberty Valance.
Link Appleyard: Arrest Liberty Val... you mean Liberty Valance? Just as I was startin' to get my appetite back.

Link Appleyard: Did you know Liberty Valance is in town tonight?
Dutton Peabody: I'd be a poor newspaperman indeed if I didn't know what everybody knows!

Link Appleyard: The jail's only got one cell, and the lock's broke and I sleep in it.

Link Appleyard: Mr. Peabody's awful hurt and he needs you bad over at his office.
Liberty Valance: What's the matter, Mr. Marshal? Somebody have an accident?
Doc Willoughby: So that's it, another one of your 'accidents', huh Valance? I'm looking forward to the day when it's you they'll be calling me for.
Liberty Valance: [tossing Doc a silver dollar] Paid in advance.

[Reese and Floyd are trying to get a lynch mob together after Stoddard kills Valance]
Tom Doniphon: Can't a man have a drink around this town in peace?
[grabs Floyd and throws him through the door]
Reese: No one's bothering you, Doniphon.
Tom Doniphon: *You* are.
[Reese goes for his gun, and Doniphon decks him]
Tom Doniphon: Marshal! What are you gettin' paid for? Drag this scum out of here.
Link Appleyard: You heard him! Now, Kaintuck and High Pockets, I deputize you to give a hand and drag this scum out of here!
Kaintuck: Give me that b-b-b-bung st-st-starter!
[grabs Reese and hauls him out]
Link Appleyard: You tell those ranchers north of the Picketwire that hired you that me, Link Appleyard, run you out of town, and I'll do it again if you ever come back!

Ransom Stoddard: [in Stoddard's classroom] How you feeling this morning?
Link Appleyard: Just fine, fine, fine.
Ransom Stoddard: Your head cold?
Link Appleyard: Uh, no, no. I uh.
[sheepishly removes hat]