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Dutton Peabody (Character)
from The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962)

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The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962)
[Doniphon has just faced down Valance in the diner]
Tom Doniphon: Well, now; I wonder what scared 'em off?
Dutton Peabody: [poking fun at Stoddard for his idealism] You know what scared 'em - the spectacle of law and order here, risin' up out of the gravy and the mashed potatoes.

Link Appleyard: Did you know Liberty Valance is in town tonight?
Dutton Peabody: I'd be a poor newspaperman indeed if I didn't know what everybody knows!

Doc Willoughby: [very drunk] My advice to you as uh...
Dutton Peabody: Coroner.
Doc Willoughby: and uh your personal phys...
Dutton Peabody: Physician!
Doc Willoughby: is to get your supper and go to bed. No charge.

Election Council President: [at the territorial statehood convention] The chair recognizes its old friend; that distinguished member of the Fourth Estate, founder, owner, publisher and editor of the Shinbone Star, Mr. Dutton Peabody, Esquire!
Dutton Peabody: Thank you, thank you, Mister Chairman, for those kind words; but why don't you tell them the whole truth: founder, owner, editor, and I also sweep out the place.

Dutton Peabody: [to Liberty Valance and his gang who have been waiting for him in the newspaper office] Liberty Valance... and his myrmidons!

Dutton Peabody: [during voting for the territorial convention] I'll have the usual, Jack.
Jack, Barman: The bar is closed, Mister Editor, during voting.
Dutton Peabody: Bar's closed?
Tom Doniphon: You can blame your lawyer friend. He says that's one of the "Fundamental laws of democracy." No exception.
Dutton Peabody: No exceptions for the working press? Why, that's carrying democracy much too far!

Dutton Peabody: [protesting his nomination to the statehood convention] Good people of Shinbone; I, I'm your conscience, I'm the small voice that thunders in the night, I'm your watchdog who howls against the wolves, I, I'm your father confessor! I - I'm... what else am I?
Tom Doniphon: Town drunk?

Dutton Peabody: Give me a drink.
Tom Doniphon: Bar's closed.
Dutton Peabody: Just a beer!
Tom Doniphon: The bar's closed.
Dutton Peabody: A beer's not drinking!

Dutton Peabody: Courage can be purchased at yon' tavern!

Dutton Peabody: As for you, Old Man: go West and grow young with the country!

Dutton Peabody: Liberty Valance defeated. D-E-F-E-E... T-E-D? The unsteady hand betrays. What's the matter, Mr. Peabody? Are you afraid? The answer is indub... yes. No courage left. Well, courage can be purchased at yon tavern. But have we credit? That is the question. Have we credit? Well, credit is cheap. Wait for me, old servant of the public weal. Our shining hour is yet to come. As for you, Horace Greeley, go west, old man, and grow young with the country.

Dutton Peabody: Hallie, please! The proprieties concerning the cutlery. Now, how many times have I told you, the fork goes to the left of the plate, and the knife goes...
Hallie: What's the matter with you? You superstitious or something?