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Quotes for
Cleon (Character)
from The Warriors (1979)

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The Warriors (2005) (VG)
Virgil: [Dying] Fuck you, copperhead! I'm the boss! You was nothin'! You was nothin' before me! Nothin'!
Cleon: Open your eyes motherfucker, you ain't nothing but ashes.
[Throws moltov cocktail on Virgil, burning him]

Chatterbox: The mighty Cleon shows his f-f-fucking face! I owe you, W-W-Warriors! You f-f-fucked me over and now, I'm gonna...
Cleon: Yo, shut the fuck up, Jack-In-the-Box! What do you want?
Chatterbox: You think we'd just forget what you d-d-did to us? You think we'd just s-s-stay silent? So now, it comes to this! Your final c-c-curtain call!
Cleon: You're standing on our turf! I'm gonna give you one last chance to walk your fat, stuttering ass back to Broadway!
Chatterbox: You just don't g-g-g-get it! You bastards are f-f-fucking history!

Cleon: [Beats up a rival gang member] I knocked you ass into last week!

Cleon: [Beats up a rival gang member] That was a love tap, sucker!

Cleon: [the Warriors have wrecked the Orphans] Bunch of lame motherfuckers!
[the look up to see Mercy clapping from the balcony]
Mercy: [Sarcastically] Good job. You guys are real tough. Real big shots.
Cleon: What you say?
Mercy: So where's their leader? Don't you wanna teach him a lesson too?
Cleon: You got somethin' to say, say it! We ain't got time for your fucking games!
Mercy: His name's Sully, alright? He's at Frank's Autobody working on his car. That dickhead thinks more 'bout that junkheap than he does about me and I don't like it!
Cleon: [to the Warriors] Let's go! Stupid chick just sold out her man! Let's go wreck his ass!
Mercy: Hey, you're welcome! I said, you're welcome, you jerks! Aw, screw you!

Cleon: Hey, Sully!
Sully: Holy fuck, they showed!
Orphan #1: The Warriors?
Orphan #2: I told you not to do it!
Sully: Run! Run!
Cleon: Get 'em!
[the Orphans run through a chain fence, locking the gate behind them]
Sully: Listen good, you fucking pansies, it don't matter whether we rumbled or not. What the Orphans say, goes. Heh! Who the streets gonna believe? A solid outfit like us? Or some bush-league rejects from the ass end of Brooklyn? Ha, ha!
Cleon: [Points at Sully's car] Hey Sully, that's a fine looking car you got going on!
[the Warriors approach the car]
Sully: What? No, not my car! Not my car! Orphans, get 'em!

Cleon: Fox, you want a vest? You gotta earn it?
Fox: What am I doing? I'm ready!
Vermin: Giving this toothpick a vest? Cleon, this dude's a punching bag, not a Warrior!
Cleon: We got a score the settle with the Savage Huns and I wanna hit 'em where it hurts: Their pockets. If you make it, then obviously you're a Warrior.
Ajax: If not, you're obviously a faggot.
Fox: Hey, I said I can handle it!
Vermin: I've seen chicks with more muscle!
Ajax: Hey, maybe he does need some muscle to help him out.
[Hits Vermin on the shoulder]
Ajax: We should send chubby here to babysit.
Vermin: Hey!
Cleon: Ajax, you know, that ain't a bad idea! Soldier up, Vermin. And, uh, I almost forgot... You gotta wear these.
[Hands Fox and Vermin a pair of t-shirts that say "Fuck U Huns!"]
Vermin: Oh, man!

Cleon: [Goes into rage mode] Here comes the motherfucking War Chief!

Cleon: [Beats up a rival gang member] What, you're just gonna lie there?

Cleon: [Puts on a hat] Man, this shit is low class!

Cochise: I told you, man! I dig your set! I wanna roll with you!
Vermin: Get outta here, man!
Cleon: Aw, shit. What's this kid's name again?
Snow: Cochise. He grew up in Harlem, but his mamma brought his ass to Brooklyn. And now he wants to be a Warrior.
Fox: Does he have what it takes?
Vermin: We don't need any new blood. Let alone some kid from Harlen. Why don't you go hang with the Boppers?
Cochise: 'Cause the Boppers are soft, man! Too soft for me! Man, I ain't down with no purple shiny vests an' shit! I gotta run with a solid outfit! I wanna run with the Warriors!
Cleon: Vermin's right. A whole lotta gangs has been breathin' down out necks lately. We ain't takin' no chances. You wanna be a Warrior? Go grab us a Bopper's hat off one of their heads and then, we'll talk.
Cochise: Shit, man, that ain't nothin'!
Cleon: But if you wanna be a Warrior, it's gotta be a size... nine.
Cochise: A size nine? That's a bucket, man, not a hat!
Cowboy: Good luck, young blood. You're gonna need it.
Snow: This kid don't know when to quit, he just might.
Cleon: Snow, I want you to go up there with him. Make sure he don't get too brave.

Cleon: Virgil, you son of a bitch! Get you ass down here!
Virgil: Hey, Cleon. How'd the deal go?
Vermin: You backstabbing punk!
Virgil: Hey, you guys know better than to rip off those Satan's Mothers.
Cleon: We was brothers, man. We was supposed to make things happen.
Virgil: You don't think I see you, Cleon? You think I don't know you tryin' to make moves behind my back? Tryin' to muscle me outta the way?
Cleon: You paranoid fuck! You just started a war! And I'm gonna be the last motherfucker you see before it's over!
Virgil: Ha, ha! You crazy, man! You and what fucking army?
Cleon: You gonna see, brother. You gonna see.

Cowboy: Check it out, Swan. Big turnout tonight. You sure we're ready for this?
Swan: We wouldn't be here if we weren't.
Cowboy: [Spots Cleon and Vermin] Look who just showed up?
Cleon: Swan and Cowboy! I ain't seen you guys since you cut out!
Swan: [Looks at Vermin's Warriors vest] Yeah? Looks like we're not the only ones.
Cleon: We're all finished with that Destroyer bullshit. You were right about Virgil. Hey, you here to try and win some money?
Swan: No, we're here to WIN som money.
Cleon: Same old Swan! Well, you ain't dealt with the Warriors yet.
Announcer: All right, you pussies! Are you ready to beat the living shit out of each other or what? Welcome to the junkyard challenge! By looking at the sad bunch of tenderfoots, I'd say none of you are gonna walk away from this. Now remember, there's only one rule: Don't be a goddamn pussy! This is King of the Hill! Whoever holds the top longest, wins!

Cleon: It's still on and we're going. Cyrus sent an emissary this afternoon to make sure. Now Cyrus don't want anybody packing and he don't want anybody flexin' any muscle. So I gave him my word that the Warriors would uphold the truce. Now, everybody says that Cyrus is the one and only. I think we'd better have a look for ourself.

Cleon: Virgil's gonna have his best soldiers holed up, protecting his ass. Remember, Warriors... They're the ones who took out our brothers! They're the ones that stole our fuckin' colors! And they're the motherfuckers that are tryin' to kill our ass! Now's the time to show them who owns these streets!

Cleon: It's over! You're over, Virgil!
Virgil: It's over? It's over ? It ain't over 'til I say it is, you dumb shit. How many of you boys have I gotta kill before you realize who's the boss? I'M the boss, FUCKERS!

Cleon: [at the Warriors' West Coney Hangout] ... That ain't the last we've heard from the Destroyers. They're gonna be back, and they ain't gonna play soft.
Swan: We gotta take care of the Destroyers soon. It's getting to be dangerous out there.
Cleon: The Destroyers ain't giving up. We gotta stay heavy if we're gonna take 'em down.
Swan: Virgil's gonna become a real problem for us. I can feel it.
Cleon: You just keep your cool, soldier. I know when we'll be ready.
Swan: We're always ready for those lame f***s.

Cleon: [from "Quick Rumble"] Bring it on! What you gonna do, punk...? Come here! Let me show you my elbow...! Come here, pretty boy. I'll knock your teeth out...! You got no f***ing clue...! Let's go! I wanna slap you...! You don't wanna tussle with me, boy...! I'm gonna bust your head up good...! Come on, man. I'll break your face!

Store Manager: Looks like your boys just got their asses handed to 'em. Why don't you go join 'em, tubby!
Store Manager: Don't come back!
Jesse: Shit! Oh hey, hey. It's the... uh... The Warriors! Shit!
Cleon: Damn! Don't let that fucker get away!
Jesse: I never even met you jerks!

The Warriors (1979)
Luther: There he is! That's him! That's... the Warrior! He shot Cyrus!
Cleon: Man, you crazy! I din't do nuthin'!
Luther: We saw 'im!
Cropsey, Rogue Lieutenant: Yeah, that's him.
Luther: He's the one! He's the one! The Warriors did it!
[starts charging Cleon]
Luther: The Warriors did it! The Warriors did it! The Warriors did it!

Cleon: I know that a lot of you aren't too happy about going out on patrol. Just just remember this, out of a street family of 120, plus affiliates, you were chosen for this expedition. That makes you special. Now, here's the line up: Swan, second-in-command, war chief, stay by me. Snowball, you're the music man. Cowboy: soldier of the middle. Vermin, you're the bear. You carry the tokens and the bread. Rembrandt, you got the stuff? I want you to hit everything in the city. I want the people to know that the Warriors were there.
Ajax: That'll just slow us down.
Cleon: Ajax, you're just soldier. Try and keep your mouth shut! Fox: scout and memory man. Run ahead and tell us all we need to know. Cochise, you're with Ajax, soldier of the middle; heavy mother. Now just remember this, there's a truce on. So, don't go around flexing any muscle unless I give the order. Okay? Let's roll!

[first lines]
Cleon: It's still on and we're goin'. Cyrus sent an emissary this afternoon to make sure. Now, Cyrus don't want anybody packed and he don't want anybody flexing any muscle. So, I gave him my word that the Warriors would uphold the truce.
Cleon: Now everybody says that Cyrus is the one and only.
Cleon: I think we better go have a look for ourself.

Cleon: [Deleted introductory scene, day time. A girlfriend walks over to Cleon, who is sitting on a bench. As the camera follows her, we see Coney Island - and a huge wall which has 'Warriors' painted on it] ... What are you doing here?
Lincoln - Cleon's Girl: I came to say goodbye.
[Cleon waves]
Lincoln - Cleon's Girl: I don't like it, Cleon.
Cleon: You don't like what?
Lincoln - Cleon's Girl: Going up to this meeting.
Cleon: You ain't going, so don't worry about it.
Lincoln - Cleon's Girl: I'm worried about you going. I've got a feeling. I don't want you getting messed up with something heavy, not way up in the Bronx. You've never even been up there.
Cleon: [puts on his "head-covering," for lack of a better term] This conclave is gonna be a big item.
[His girlfriend looks away, and - we cut to the next scene. Cleon is now standing and addressing the other Warriors]
Cleon: ... I know a lot of you aren't too happy about going on patrol. Just remember this. Out from a street family of 120-plus affiliates, you eight were chosen for this expedition and that makes you special. Now here's the lineup...
[as Cleon reads his choices, the camera focuses on each of them]
Cleon: ... Swan, you're the second-in-command, the war-chief; you stay by me. Snow, you're the music man. Cowboy, you soldier the middle. Vermin, you're the bearer; carry the tokens and the bread. Rembrandt, got the stuff?
[Rembrandt produces a spray can]
Cleon: Now, I want you to hit everything in the city. I want people to know that the Warriors were there.
Ajax: That'll just slow us down.
Cleon: Ajax, you just soldier and try to keep your mouth shut...
[moving on]
Cleon: ... Fox, you're the scout and memory-man; you run ahead and tell us all we need to know. Cochise and Ajax, you soldier the middle; you're the heavy muscle...
[to all eight]
Cleon: ... Now just remember this. There's a truce on, so don't go flexing any muscle unless I give the order.
[Ajax seems displeased]
Cleon: Okay? Let's roll.
[as surf-music plays, the Warriors stride up the boardwalk and into the distance, on this sunny afternoon. Cleon and his girlfriend follow, walking behind everyone else]