Art Jeffries
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Art Jeffries (Character)
from Mercury Rising (1998)

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Mercury Rising (1998)
Lt. Colonel Nicholas Kudrow: [Angrily] I asked you not to handle the wine please!
Art Jeffries: You know it's good to see you've got your priorities in order.
[Takes a slug from another bottle]
Art Jeffries: That's better. You're not worried about murdering a nine year-old boy but you're worried about this fuckin' wine!
[He breaks another bottle and Kudrow winces]

Art Jeffries: [after smahing all of his wine bottles] Happy Birthday, Nick!

[last lines]
Art Jeffries: Hey, Simon. Look at me. Look at me, Simon. Look at my eyes. Look at my eyes. It's me, Art.

Tommy B. Jordan: Look, it's my ass if you take that.
Art Jeffries: Then don't tell anyone.