William B. Tensy
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William B. Tensy (Character)
from Heartbreakers (2001)

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Heartbreakers (2001)
William B. Tensy: I love a woman who eats raw meat.

Woman: I'm sorry, sir, but smoking is not permitted.
William B. Tensy: Oh, terribly sorry.
[drops cigarette in her wine glass]
William B. Tensy: Nazi...

William B. Tensy: [regarding the cigarette lighter present] I'm not trying to get you to take up smoking, just thought it'd be a nice... incentive.

William B. Tensy: [showing the statue to "Ulga"] Completely restored. Only seven thousand for a new willy.

William B. Tensy: Smoking is part of the fun of being a kid. We just did some tests on some 9-year-olds. After a little puking, why, you couldn't drag 'em away from the stuff. Heh-heh-heh.
William B. Tensy: You're only young once. Why not indulge, though, I always say.

William B. Tensy: There is nothing sexier than smoke billowing proudly out of a woman's hot, red, engorged nostrils.

William B. Tensy: [slipping the arresting officer cash as he takes a housekeeper to jail] If it's at all possible, could you slap her around a little bit?

William B. Tensy: [advancing upon Olga] My love, tonight we will celebrate this ecstatic joining of our spirits with the union of our aching bodies.

William B. Tensy: I ache for you, my pumpkin. Let's hump.

Ulga: God is everywhere.
William B. Tensy: Yes, he is. Isn't he? Nosy bastard.

William B. Tensy: [greeting Page-as-Wendy at her interview] Sorry I'm late. I've been passing out more frequently lately.