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Quotes for
John Witter (Character)
from Walking Tall (1973)

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Walking Tall Part II (1975)
John Witter: [Pinky has brought Ray Henry to meet Mr. Witter] Just what goes on in that stupid head of yours, Pinky Dobson!

John Witter: [to Pinky Dobson about Buford] You picked the one time his wife was in the car next to him... And you make it so that the Federal Bureau of Investigation, The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation... They're both down here just shakin' away at that tree tryin' to make somethin' fall out!

John Witter: [to Marganne about killing Buford] You just make sure you set him up for a no miss situation.

John Witter: [to Marganne] That bungling Pinky Dobson and that moron Ray Henry... The trouble those two have caused me are tryin' a true Christian man's patience.

John Witter: [Mr. Whitter is upset at Pinky and Ray Henry for not killing Buford] You brought this thing down on my back, and you can get it off my back!... Now do you understand that, or are you too goddamned stupid?

John Witter: [Mr. Whitter is angry at Pinky and Ray Henry for bungling Bufords murder] One stupid blunder after another just brings that son of a bitch that much closer to this house!

John Witter: [about Pinky Dobson showing up with Ray Henry] That imbicile!

Walking Tall (1973)
John Witter: [to Buford] Ya know, ideals and realties are very far apart. One day you're gonna see that son. And if ya don't, someone's gonna point it out to you... CLEARLY!

Final Chapter: Walking Tall (1977)
John Witter: [to the Boss about Buford] I'm gonna settle things with that overgrown son of a bitch once and for all.