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Quotes for
Obra Eaker (Character)
from Walking Tall (1973)

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Walking Tall (1973)
Obra: How does it feel to be part of the oppressed minority?

Buford: It's not the fine that's important. It's the principal of the thing. You got public respect, Obra.
Obra: Come over to my house tonight with public respect and watch the bonfire.

Obra: [to Buford after the trial] You had that jury ready to walk barefoot over hot coals!

Buford: [to Obra after Arno Purdy apologizes] Don't you just hate someone like that?
Obra: What do you mean?
Buford: Well... he ruined our bonfire!

Buford: [Seeking Obra's advice] Any Suggestions?
Obra: Yup... Do not beat your head against the wall, cause it will probably fall on ya. Two, Lone wolves are easy prey... Organized, there's strength and unity... And three, you are a damn fool Buford, for tryin' to do what I know you goin' to.

Obra: [taking a break at the mill] You know if you push that wood any faster, I'm gonna need six arms.
Buford: You can take it... I got faith in ya.

Walking Tall Part II (1975)
Obra Eaker: [to Buford After destroying then impounding Stud's car] I wanna tell you something.
Buford Pusser: What?
Obra Eaker: You're my kind of sheriff... That's it, you're my kind of sheriff.
Buford Pusser: Obra, you're a fair to middlin' deputy.