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Carl Pusser (Character)
from Walking Tall (1973)

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Walking Tall Part II (1975)
Carl Pusser: [Carl is upset at Buford for arresting his friend] I'll be damned if I can understand you, Buford!

Carl Pusser: [Talking to his friends about Buford] We may as well be going round and round talkin' about whether to plant soybeans or cotton.

Carl Pusser: [Grady and Obra arrive at Carl's for a meeting] Grady, Obra... There's more ideas a flyin' around than a possum has tricks.

Walking Tall (1973)
Grandpa Carl Pusser: [to Sherrif Thurman] You better be rememberin' one thing before election time: the people of this county *give* you that badge, and they can damn well take it *away* from ya!
Thurman: Not like you to threaten a man, Carl.
Dr. Lamar Stivers: He doesn't speak only for *himself*, Al.

"Walking Tall: The Killing of McNeal County's Children (#1.1)" (1981)
Sheriff Buford Pusser: [Michael's in the hospital after jumping off the school roof] It's Pauline all over again.
Carl Pusser: Don't think like that.
Sheriff Buford Pusser: I'm not thinking it, I'm feeling it. 2 years ago I lost my wife in this same hospital because I'm the sheriff, now I'm going to lose my son the same way.