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Quotes for
Grady Coker (Character)
from Walking Tall (1973)

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Walking Tall (1973)
Buford: A man just doesn't know how many friends he's got 'til he's flat on his back.
Grady: Or how many people are glad that he is.

Buford: Hey Grady! What about you? Are you just gonna let them throw me in a hole and bury me?
Grady: What am I supposed to do? He deals the cards... I just play the hand I get
Buford: Well, go find yourself another game!

Grady: [to Pauline] You're just gonna have to decide if your gonna spend your old age with your fears, or with your husband.

Walking Tall Part II (1975)
Buford Pusser: [Exiting the boarding house] Grady, remember a man who came down to shake my hand when I was first elected sheriff?... WItter, John Witter?
Grady Coker: Which one of them was he?
Buford Pusser: Fat man... From Nashville.
Grady Coker: Yeah... I remember him.
Buford Pusser: Yeah... I'd almost forgotten about him.
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