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Quotes for
Booth (Character)
from Walking Tall (2004)

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Walking Tall (2004)
[after Chris' truck is blown up by Watkins]
Booth: [at Chris] A truck for a truck! A truck for a truck!

[Chris and Ray have torn up Booth's truck as Booth is tied to chair and forced to watch]
Booth: You're gonna get hurt!
[Booth growls at Chris and Ray; they laugh]
Ray Templeton: [laughing] What an idiot!

[Chris has been captured by Jay's men; he lays on a table. Booth produces a craft knife]
Burke: What are you doing?
Booth: Special forces, special treatment!
Burke: This guy knows Hamilton!
Burke, Booth: [Booth grunts as he starts to cut into Chris' mid-section; Chris screams and struggles]
Booth: [to Burke] Hold him!
[Chris' screams continue]