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Quotes for
Ray Templeton (Character)
from Walking Tall (2004)

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Walking Tall (2004)
[Chris throws casino guard against a truck]
Chris Vaughn: Search him.
Ray Templeton: Oh.
[he frisks casino guard]
Ray Templeton: Woooo. You've been working out?

Chris Vaughn: Ray-Ray!
Ray Templeton: Hello, puddin!

Ray Templeton: Yeah, casinos are all the same. Room full of fake boobs and real assholes.

Ray Templeton: [while frisking Booth and ending up by the Booth's rear end] Whoooo hooo! Somebody needs a bath!

[Chris and Ray have torn up Booth's truck as Booth is tied to chair and forced to watch]
Booth: You're gonna get hurt!
[Booth growls at Chris and Ray; they laugh]
Ray Templeton: [laughing] What an idiot!

[Ray is visiting the injured Chris' hospital bed]
Chris Vaughn: That was a hell of a homecoming party.
Ray Templeton: Chris, I don't know if you noticed, but this ain't exactly home anymore.