Buford Pusser
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Buford Pusser (Character)
from Walking Tall (1973)

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Walking Tall (1973)
Buford: A man just doesn't know how many friends he's got 'til he's flat on his back.
Grady: Or how many people are glad that he is.

Thurman: Hey, Buford - How'd ya like a nice plush job as my deputy? No presence required, JUST BRUTE ANIMAL FORCE!
Buford: I ain't that desperate.

Buford: It's not the fine that's important. It's the principal of the thing. You got public respect, Obra.
Obra: Come over to my house tonight with public respect and watch the bonfire.

Callie: You got a warrent?
Buford: Yeah, I keep it in my shoe!
[Buford kicks the store room door in]

Buford: I'm gonna take, and take, and take, till they ain't got nothin left to give but BLOOD!... And I'm gonna take that, one drop at a time!

Buford: [talking to the jury after showing his scars] If you let them do this to me and get away with it, THEN YOU'RE GIVING THEM THE ETERNAL RIGHT TO DO THE SAME DAMN THING TO ANY ONE OF YOU!

Buford: Hey Grady! What about you? Are you just gonna let them throw me in a hole and bury me?
Grady: What am I supposed to do? He deals the cards... I just play the hand I get
Buford: Well, go find yourself another game!

Buford: [to Obra after Arno Purdy apologizes] Don't you just hate someone like that?
Obra: What do you mean?
Buford: Well... he ruined our bonfire!

Buford: [to John Witter] If you let those people that own those joints have an inch, they'll steal the whole state... It looks like they already got a leg up on it.

Buford: There's only two rules, and thats all... But don't ever forget them. Number one we enforce the law equally. Number two, any man caught taking a bribe gets his head knocked off by me.

Judge R.W. Clarke: Why you self appointed dictator!... All you know is force and violence!... You don't understand the simplest things about the law!
Buford: I understand the difference between a poor honest judge and a rich dishonest one!

Buford: [to Lutie] I got tired of being a trained animal in somebody else's circus.

Buford: Hey Arno, howzit hangin?

Buford: [to cashier at the Lucky Spot who eyes a shotgun] Mister, you're hand is shaking. If you miss, you'll never shoot again.

Buford: Thurman, I known you since I was a kid!... I used to think you walked tall!... IT LOOKS LIKE YOU DONE LEARNED HOW TO CRAWL!

Buford: That fight yesterday was for real... Obra could have been killed, and all you do is levy a 10 dollar fine!
Judge R.W. Clarke: My prerogative... You run the streets, I run the courts!
Buford: I bring em in and you let em go. it all becomes a big joke, and I don't care to trade lives for laughs... From now on I want maximum penalties!

Buford: [to John Witter] I'm not against a little drink, a little fun... But the law of the land shouldn't be for sale.

Buford: [to Pauline] You're like a breath of spring.

Buford: [after arguing with Sheriff Thurman] There it is again.
Pauline Pusser: What?
Buford: The system... You gotta live my way or you don't live.

Buford: Tomorrow morning I gonna learn what's in this criminal code book word for word... You know what you have to worry about Your Honor is what part of this I can use against you!
[slams door]

Buford: [Seeking Obra's advice] Any Suggestions?
Obra: Yup... Do not beat your head against the wall, cause it will probably fall on ya. Two, Lone wolves are easy prey... Organized, there's strength and unity... And three, you are a damn fool Buford, for tryin' to do what I know you goin' to.

Buford: [Giving instructions to his deputies] This whole thing rests on one element... SURPRISE!

Buford: [Giving instructions to his deputies] The rest of us wait until the illegal liquer is flowing, the girls are making their trailer runs, and the suckers are crowding the tables... Then we hit fast and hard.

Buford: [At the Pine Ridge Club] Ya know Callie, you got one of the sexiest track teams I've ever seen... What's their record between here and the trailer?

Buford: [Giving instructions] Virgil, I want you to make the west half run.
Virgil Button: Big responsibility.
Buford: Well, you're a big man.

Obra: [taking a break at the mill] You know if you push that wood any faster, I'm gonna need six arms.
Buford: You can take it... I got faith in ya.

Pauline Pusser: [Pauline is angry at Buford's decision to run for sheriff] No more fighting you said!... You gave your word!... Wild Bull Buford's word, on that you can bank!
Buford: I didn't know this was gonna happen!
Pauline Pusser: Oh well, you're turning this into some kind of life and death grudge fight!

Buford: [to his dad on why he gave up wrestling] It was a one-way street leading no where, Dad... It was organized dishonesty... It was the system. You win when they let you win, you climb the ladder when they let you, you breathe when they feel like giving you air... I got fed up with other people living my life their way.

Judge R.W. Clarke: [Buford has moved the Judge's Chambers into the men's room] What the hell is going on here?
Buford: I've read the book, Your Honor, and it clearly states on page 53 paragraph 6 that the sheriff has the right to assign all courtrooms and judges chambers... In view of your past judgements, I thought you might feel more at home here... You have your own choice of seats...
[shows commodes]
Buford: There's no telephone yet, but you won't need one today...
[Hands over search warrents]
Buford: Here's a list of search and seizure warrents... I want them by 3 O'clock today... Oh, and by the way, if word of any warrents, pardon the expression, "leaks out", well your distinguished career is over... Page 92, section 4.
[Hands book to the judge]
Judge R.W. Clarke: I'll be damned!... I'LL BE DANMNED!

Buford: [Buford walks into the Pine Ridge Club] Luan, I see you changed trailers.
Luan Paxton: ...And I see you're still lookin.

Final Chapter: Walking Tall (1977)
Buford Pusser: [opening narration] I had to stand up for myself alone, and you saw what they did to me... Until all men can stand up for what they believe in, THE SAME DAMN THING CAN HAPPEN TO ANY ONE OF YOU!

Robbie Teal: Are you going to send me to jail, Sheriff?
Buford Pusser: No son, I'm not

Buford Pusser: I keep telling people 'Don't call me anymore, I'm not the sheriff'.

O.Q. Teal: You had no right to take a child away from his father, and put him in an orphanage!
Buford Pusser: You were an unfit parent!

Martin French: Do the words "cruel and unusual punishment" mean anything to you?
Buford Pusser: Damn right they do!... Why don't you explain those words to O.Q. Teal's little boy?

Buford Pusser: [to French about O.Q. Teal] I might add I've seen better looking behinds on a hog.

Buford Pusser: When did they let you out of prison, O.Q.?
O.Q. Teal: I don't think that's any of your business, sheriff!... Oh, cause you ain't the sheriff anymore.

Buford Pusser: [to Dwana at the fair] Good times are just beginning... I can promise you that.

Bulow: [Buford walk into the 3 Deuces Bar] I'll be goddamned!... If it isn't Buford Pussy?
Buford Pusser: Buford who?
Bulow: Pussy.
Buford Pusser: Ya know... You got some trouble with one of them words,
Bulow: I've had trouble with those words...
[takes out false teeth]
Bulow: ...ever since you smashed me in the mouth with that tree trunk you used to carry around with you.
Buford Pusser: I still got it.

"Walking Tall: The Killing of McNeal County's Children (#1.1)" (1981)
Melinda Sue: Maybe they brought it on themselves. Maybe they just took too much.
Sheriff Buford Pusser: Too much, Melinda? How is anyone supposed to know how much is too much? This stuff is made in sinks, it's made in bathtubs, and *nobody* knows how strong it *really* is.

Sheriff Buford Pusser: I smell ether, he's cooking it.
Deputy Aaron Fairfax: Buford, don't you think you better let him finish? If we bust him now, we won't have enough evidence to charge him for manufacturing.
Sheriff Buford Pusser: As Sheriff of McNeal County, I might not have enough evidence, but as Michael Pusser's father, I DO.

Sheriff Buford Pusser: Michael, I notice you're not eating. Don't you want to grow up big and strong like your sister?

Sheriff Buford Pusser: [Michael's in the hospital after jumping off the school roof] It's Pauline all over again.
Carl Pusser: Don't think like that.
Sheriff Buford Pusser: I'm not thinking it, I'm feeling it. 2 years ago I lost my wife in this same hospital because I'm the sheriff, now I'm going to lose my son the same way.

Sheriff Buford Pusser: [a student comments PCP is for their generation what booze was for Buford's generation as a crutch] The only difference in these crutches is how long it takes to destroy a person. Alcohol takes years and years, but only one dose of PCP can leave your brain fried, bent and twisted.

Walking Tall Part II (1975)
Buford Pusser: [to his dad] My children are motherless because of the man at the top!

Buford Pusser: [Pinky has wrecked his boat] Well... I told ya to stop.

Buford Pusser: [Exiting the boarding house] Grady, remember a man who came down to shake my hand when I was first elected sheriff?... WItter, John Witter?
Grady Coker: Which one of them was he?
Buford Pusser: Fat man... From Nashville.
Grady Coker: Yeah... I remember him.
Buford Pusser: Yeah... I'd almost forgotten about him.
[last lines]

Obra Eaker: [to Buford After destroying then impounding Stud's car] I wanna tell you something.
Buford Pusser: What?
Obra Eaker: You're my kind of sheriff... That's it, you're my kind of sheriff.
Buford Pusser: Obra, you're a fair to middlin' deputy.

A Real American Hero (1978) (TV)
[opening narration]
Buford Pusser: The wrong kind of people have had their say for too long and I want to remind them that somewhere in this world there is a little law and order left - to let them know in the only way their kind understands, that they can't bribe or threaten their way and they will damn well pay pay dearly for every crime they commit.