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Damodar (Character)
from Dungeons & Dragons (2000)

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Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God (2005)
Damodar: Kill him.
Klaxx: Kill him yourself, Oh Great and Powerful Damodar.

Damodar: The forces of evil hear the call of the orb... they wait to pick the rotting dead carcass of Izmer.
Wicked Doctor: Good times.

Klaxx: Lord Damodar, may I assume that it is your hope to reunite the Orb's power with Faluzure, and unleash its fury upon the land?
Damodar: You may count on it.
Klaxx: I would be dismayed if such misery was spread over the land, without my contribution.

Damodar: I have broken your paltry spell. You are right to cower before me. It is good practice for the coming age. For I am Damodar. My master, Profion, cursed me to return as a corpse-creature should I fail him, which I did not! He was killed before the damnation could be removed. For one hundred years, my sole companion was unbearable agony. But now I am whole again, and the Orb of Faluzure is mine. I will annihilate the descendants of those who defeated me. When the almighty and all-encompassing power of the Night Dragon awakes, he will grant me a boon! And I will rain down my revenge on you.

Dungeons & Dragons (2000)
Damodar: Just like you thieves, always taking things that don't belong to you.