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Walter Franklin (Character)
from "Cheers" (1982)

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"Cheers: Diane's Perfect Date (#1.17)" (1983)
[Diane and Walter have just returned to the bar after a weekend-long date]
Walter Franklin: [to Diane] Why don't you introduce me to your co-workers. I'm sure they'd get a bang out of this.
Diane Chambers: [obviously embarrassed] Oh, I don't really think that...
[Sam approaches Diane and Walter]
Diane Chambers: Oh, hello, Sam. Walter Franklin, Sam Malone.
Sam Malone: [as the two men shake hands] How do you do.
Walter Franklin: Ten.
Diane Chambers: [in answer to Sam's confused look about what Walter just said] Uh, he's able to tell you instantly how many letters there are in any sentence you say.
Walter Franklin: Sixty-six.
Sam Malone: That's quite a gift.
Walter Franklin: Fifteen. Been at it all weekend.
Sam Malone: How many days did it seem like?
Walter Franklin: Twenty-four.
Diane Chambers: Listen, Walter, I have to go to work now. Thanks again for a lovely weekend.
Walter Franklin: Two sentences, thirty and twenty-eight.
Diane Chambers: Stop doing that Walter.
Walter Franklin: Nineteen.
Diane Chambers: [immediately and angrily] I mean it!
Walter Franklin: Seven. Really, that's enough of this now. I better get going. Goodbye, Diane. Nice seeing you, Sam.
Sam Malone: Yeah.
Walter Franklin: Four.
Sam Malone: By the way, Walter...
Walter Franklin: Fourteen. Ah, yes, Sam, what is it?
Sam Malone: How was Diane on a scale of a hundred?
Walter Franklin: Twenty-nine.