Harry 'The Hat' Gittes
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Harry 'The Hat' Gittes (Character)
from "Cheers" (1982)

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"Cheers: How Do I Love Thee?... Let Me Call You Back (#2.10)" (1983)
Harry 'The Hat' Gittes: [about a gift] Gosh, I never expected anything like this. I mean, no one's ever give me anything... voluntarily.

Norm Peterson: [Sam has tickets to a highly anticipated boxing match] So, Sammy, guess who cut the high card for the extra ticket.
Sam: [without missing a beat] Come on, Harry. But please, Harry, don't get us into any trouble tonight.
Harry 'The Hat' Gittes: Oh, come on, Sam. I'll be good. In fact, I'm driving.
[Harry pulls a coat hanger out of his back pocket]
Harry 'The Hat' Gittes: What kind of car do you want to take?

"Cheers: Bar Wars VII: The Naked Prey (#11.19)" (1993)
Sam Malone: Hello, Harry.
Harry 'The Hat' Gittes: Hey Sam.
Sam Malone: [looking at tableful of watches] Whatcha doing? Trying to sell some bogus watches, some knock-offs to my customers and try to cheat them?
Harry 'The Hat' Gittes: [holding up a watch] Sam, that hurts. This is no knock-off. That's a five thousand dollar Rolex, but it's on sale for twenty-five hundred.
Sam Malone: Is this a real Rolex, Harry?
Harry 'The Hat' Gittes: Yeah!
Sam Malone: [Sam grabs the watch and starts banging it on the table] Whoa. Hey, it sounds like a Rolex, doesn't it?
Sam Malone: [drops the watch into a mug of beer, which he holds up to take a look at the watch] Oh, look at that, it's still ticking too.
Harry 'The Hat' Gittes: Uh, Sam...
Sam Malone: Hey, do me a favor, just take your bogus goods and pedal them someplace else, will you.
[a man enters the room]
Watch Salesman: So Harry. Are you interested in buying a watch?
Harry 'The Hat' Gittes: No, but I think my friend Sam might be.

Harry 'The Hat' Gittes: Face it, you're a bunch of losers. It's nothing to be ashamed of. It's your nature, you know. It's the way God made you. You're part of his master plan. If it weren't for you guys, how would we know who the winners were?

"Cheers: A Kiss Is Still a Kiss (#6.10)" (1987)
Woody Boyd: Oh boy, I need change for this fifty.
Harry 'The Hat' Gittes: You need change? Maybe I can help you, huh?
[he whips out a wad of one-dollar bills]
Woody Boyd: Great!
Cliff Clavin: Hold it, hold it...
Harry 'The Hat' Gittes: Oh, come on guys, give me a break, I'm a reformed man.
Norm Peterson: Oh yeah? Maybe you wouldn't mind if we monitored this little transaction?
Cliff Clavin: Yeah, yeah.
Harry 'The Hat' Gittes: Wouldn't mind at all.
[Norm and Cliff hide their keys and wallets before approaching Harry]
Harry 'The Hat' Gittes: [to Woody] 'kay, you need fifty bucks?
[starts counting out the bills]
Harry 'The Hat' Gittes: Here's one, two, three, four five. Norm, what time is it?
Norm Peterson: Eleven.
Harry 'The Hat' Gittes: Eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen. My watch must be fast, I've got eleven twenty-five. Twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight. Cliff, you have not aged a day. How old are you?
Cliff Clavin: Thirty-nine.
Harry 'The Hat' Gittes: Thirty-nine! Forty, forty-one, forty... wait. You can't be that old. What year were you born?
Cliff Clavin: Forty-seven.
Harry 'The Hat' Gittes: Forty-eight, forty-nine, fifty. There you go barkeep.
[hands the bills to Woody, who hands Harry the fifty dollar bill]