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Quotes for
Darci (Character)
from Kate & Leopold (2001)

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Kate & Leopold (2001)
[Kate finds a letter Darci has written in response to Leopold's invitation to dinner]
Kate: Darci? What is this?
Darci: It's a reply to Leopold's invitation... You're going, right?
Kate: I haven't decided yet.
Darci: Oh, you haven't decided if you want to have dinner on the rooftop with a duke?
Kate: Who thinks he's from 1876! NO. And I would appreciate it if...
Darci: Oh come *on*! I don't know what this guy did to piss you off, but that is the best apology letter in the history of mankind. Just sign it, Kate! It's four-thirty, we'll fax it.
[the phone rings and Darci picks it up, flustered]
Darci: Kate McKay's office.
[Darci slams the phone back down and starts to cry]
Darci: They hung up!