Rusty Nail
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Rusty Nail (Character)
from Joy Ride (2001)

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Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead (2008) (V)
Rusty Nail: I like the rain. Keeps everybody inside and washes everything clean.

Rusty Nail: You want out? There's your exit...

Rusty Nail: Heck of a joy ride, isn't it...

Rusty Nail: Get in, y'catch your death out there... hahahahaha...

Rusty Nail: She gave me the finger. Now I want it. She gave it to me, I figure it's mine to keep.

Melissa: I did everything you asked!
Rusty Nail: No, you didn't. I saw you down at the funeral parlor.
Kayla: Mel, what is going on?
Rusty Nail: There's a big difference between a freshly cut, live finger and one snipped from a corpse. Less blood in that one you got there. Stiffer, paler. The nail's yellowed, no nutrients, deteriorating. Want to see what a fresh one looks like? Check the glove compartment.

Joy Ride (2001)
Rusty Nail: I was just playing.

Rusty Nail: Candy Cane? Hey anybody know a Candy Cane?
Lewis Thomas: Rusty Nail?

Rusty Nail: [on the phone] Ya know what I really get a kick out of? Pretending the person I'm talking to is right next to me. Right next to me...

[Over the CB radio]
Rusty Nail: You know, Black Sheep, you really oughtta get that fixed.
Fuller Thomas: Get what fixed?
Rusty Nail: Your tail light.

Rusty Nail: Apologize.
Fuller Thomas: No. Listen, you sick fuck, you pathetic, lonely, walkie-talkie, freak show motherfucker. You're not getting anything from me. Know why? Because I have something that's more powerful then your psychosis. It's called a volume knob, and the only thing I have to do to make you go away is to turn it counterclockwise. You got that? You copy that?
Rusty Nail: You know, Black Sheep, you really ought to get that fixed.
Fuller Thomas: Get what fixed?
Rusty Nail: Your taillight.

Rusty Nail: Now they know what it feels like... to be the butt-end of the joke. Your palms sweating, your face burning up. Now they know what it's like... to be the fucking punch line.

Joy Ride 3: Road Kill (2014) (V)
Rusty Nail: What is it they say? Idle hands are the devil's workshop. I think I prefer the one that says, "If your hand causes you to stumble, cut it off." Or maybe I'll just go for the one that says, "An eye for an eye."

Rusty Nail: You broke the rules, Jordan.
Jordan Wells: You killed a police officer.
Rusty Nail: Yes, I did. Now one of you is going to have to pay with a lot more than just a fucking car. I want you to listen to what you've wrought.

Mickey Cole: Listen! I'm sorry, sir. So sorry! Please!
Rusty Nail: You shouldn't have jacked me up with the cops, Mickey. You got ahead of yourself. That makes me mad.

Rusty Nail: Learned that from a hockey ninja.

Rusty Nail: Well, you're halfway to the hospital now, Jewel.