Billy Walsh
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Billy Walsh (Character)
from "Entourage" (2004)

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"Entourage: The Release (#3.8)" (2006)
Billy Walsh: Fucking fillies, Suit. Never count on a broad.

Billy Walsh: [seeing the Queens Boulevard poster] Ahhhh these motherfuckers, pieces of shit, I'm gonna fuckin' hit somebody, there's no fuckin' doubt in my mind.
Johnny "Drama" Chase: Little lightly, Billy, life is short.
Billy Walsh: Go fuck your mother, Drama!

Vincent Chase: [speaking at QB press conference] People in this town don't give a shit about art. They only care about one thing: MONEY.
Billy Walsh: [from the crowd, yelling] FUCK COMMERCE!

"Entourage: Home Sweet Home (#8.1)" (2011)
Billy Walsh: Once you're an addict, you're always an addict.
Ari Gold: Lame!

Billy Walsh: I can't even have one sip of beer.
Johnny 'Drama' Chase: Why, what'd happen?
Billy Walsh: After about a week, I'd be hold up in my grandmother's house with my penis tied off looking for a vein.

"Entourage: Welcome to the Jungle (#4.1)" (2007)
Billy Walsh: What attracted me to this project, bro? That's easy. It was the blood.

Billy Walsh: Movie? Well, I hate the word "Movie". I don't make "movies", I make "films".

Entourage (2015)
Eric Murphy: [after drinking Drama's drug cocktail] I feel strange.
Billy Walsh: Strange how?
Eric Murphy: My dick gets hard every time a girl looks at me.
Billy Walsh: Like today or always?

"Entourage: The Big Bang (#8.6)" (2011)
Billy Walsh: I have a mortgage, five children and I can't afford maple syrup, Drama.

"Entourage: The Scene (#1.7)" (2004)
Billy Walsh: Vincent... The guy blowing you... I'm gonna play that part, that way you're in really good hands. Now don't worry, I've got a pretty solid acting background.
[Billy gazes into Vince's eyes awkwardly. After a few seconds, Vincent smirks]
Vincent Chase: You're fucking with me, aren't you?
Billy Walsh: I fucking had you, motherfucker!
Vincent Chase: Motherfucker!