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Shauna (Character)
from "Entourage" (2004)

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"Entourage: I Love You Too (#2.9)" (2005)
Eric: Hey look this guy has a website that gets 1 million hits a day, he can sink a movie faster than Stephan Dorf.
Shauna: Hey watch it asshole that's my client.

Shauna: Just look at the guy like a prom date. You buy him a corsage, he'll at least give you a handjob.

Entourage (2015)
Shauna: You are in four scenes, and you expect me to get you a magazine cover?
Johnny Chase: Scarlet Jo wasn't even on screen in Her, and she got a cover.
Shauna: If you had her tits, I could get you a cover.

"Entourage: Talk Show (#1.3)" (2004)
Turtle: You should get me on a talk show. I'd kill.
Shauna: Maybe I'll get you on Springer. Fat, little horny fucks and the women that despise him.
Johnny Drama: *snickers*
Shauna: What are you laughing at? Maybe I'll get you on Montel with Don Swayze, Joey Travolta and the other retarded star siblings.

"Entourage: The Abyss (#2.14)" (2005)
Shauna: I'm a publicist, Eric, not David Blaine.

"Entourage: Blue Balls Lagoon (#2.11)" (2005)
Ari Gold: I'm just saying be discreet... No hand-holding at the Grove. No canoodling on Melrose.
Vincent Chase: Canoodling?
Shauna: No finger-banging her courtside at the Lakers game...