Mrs. Ari
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Mrs. Ari (Character)
from "Entourage" (2004)

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"Entourage: The Bat Mitzvah (#2.10)" (2005)
Mrs. Ari: Melinda, it's so great to see you.
Melinda Clarke: You too! You look fabulous.
Mrs. Ari: Thank you.
Melinda Clarke: Being a housewife certainly agrees with you.
Mrs. Ari: And playing a raging bitch on TV certainly agrees with you. You're so natural.

"Entourage: Tree Trippers (#5.5)" (2008)
Ari Gold: [on the phone] I was trying to sleep actually.
Mrs. Ari: I'm surprised you can with 25 naked men running around our pool.
Ari Gold: [to Vince] Shit. I don't know who's more dead - me or fucking Lloyd.

"Entourage: Running on E (#6.4)" (2009)
Mrs. Ari: [in bed] What time is it?
Ari Gold: I don't know, my cock doesn't wear a watch.

"Entourage: An Offer Refused (#2.4)" (2005)
Mrs. Ari: [at couples therapy] I ask for one hour out of day for his undevided attention, and I can't even have that.
Ari Gold: You can have it if you want to live in Agoura fucking Hills and go to group therapy, but if you want a Beverly Hills mansion and you want a country club membership and you want nine weeks a year in a Tuscan villa, then I'm gonna need to take a call when it comes in at noon on a motherfucking Wednesday!

"Entourage: Berried Alive (#6.10)" (2009)
Ari Gold: Baby.
Mrs. Ari: Yeah?
Ari Gold: I woke up with wood.
Mrs. Ari: And why is that my problem?

Entourage (2015)
Mrs. Ari: It's 2 AM. You sat down to watch this movie at midnight.
Ari Gold: I'm mentally prepping. I'm gonna start now. Wanna join me?
Mrs. Ari: You said I couldn't.
Ari Gold: Well you can blow me through it in case it sucks.

"Entourage: The All Out Fall Out (#5.3)" (2008)
[Ari's wife and kids are leading Ari outside to surprise him with a Ferari]
Mrs. Ari: Okay, stop now. Open your eyes.
Ari Gold: Fuck me!
Jonah Gold: Daddy!
Ari Gold: I'm sorry buddy I'm sorry, but holy sh...
Mrs. Ari: Ari!

"Entourage: The Young and the Stoned (#4.9)" (2007)
Mrs. Ari: [about reprising her role on Young and the Restless] Tell me that I will be pretty, as pretty as the day I left the show.
Ari Gold: Well, you left the show when you were 25 and now they shoot everything in hi-def.

"Entourage: Date Night (#1.4)" (2004)
Mrs. Ari: Could I have the car keys please?
Ari Gold: Come on! There's a cab stand at fucking Yukka!
Mrs. Ari: Give me the fucking keys!
Ari Gold: [hands over the keys] Drop me off?

"Entourage: Dog Day Afternoon (#3.14)" (2007)
Mrs. Ari: Tomorrow's a new day, Ari. Remember, you always have a chance to get it back.
Ari Gold: We're Jews, baby. No, we don't.