Chip Pettengill
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Chip Pettengill (Character)
from Red Planet (2000)

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Red Planet (2000)
Gallagher: I prefer one moon, you know? That way you know what to call it: The Moon.
Lt. Ted Santen: [Over the radio] More color commentary from the space janitor.
Gallagher: The correct term is mechanical systems engineer.
Chip Pettengill: ....But he will accept space janitor.

Chip Pettengill: It's weird. There's nothing here.
Gallagher: It's Mars.

Gallagher: [Gallagher and Pettengill are doing AMEE's prelaunch diagnostic. They activate her and she unfolds, emitting a trilling sound] Hey sweetie.
Chip Pettengill: Sweetie? Is she our navigator or your girlfriend?
Gallagher: [Shrugs] It's been a long flight.
Chip Pettengill: Certainly has.

Chip Pettengill: It's your girlfriend. She made it.