Gabe Law
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Gabe Law (Character)
from The One (2001)

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The One (2001)
Gabe: SOMETHING'S wrong!

Gabe: I won't be the one, but neither will you.

Funsch: I am a Multiverse agent.
Gabe: You're a nut.
Funsch: Hey, you're the one that's seeing yourself.

Gabe: [putting a protective helmet on Rotten Ronnie] It's okay. You're doing the right thing.

Funsch: In this, you exist. In another you don't exist. In another, you're married to the same woman. In another, you're married to a different woman. In another, you're married to a man.
Gabe: Hey!
Funsch: There is a string of energy divided among every one of us. We all have it.

Gabe: So I'm next?
Funsch: You're the last.

T.K. Law: You were shot. You need to be examined.
Gabriel Law: You can do it.
T.K. Law: Um, newsflash. I'm a vet. You're not a dog.

Gabriel Law: My grandfather taught me the energy of life goes in a circle in a perfect flow, balanced. He said until I find my center, my circle would never be whole. That day, I first saw her in the clinic I came in with a dog that was hit by a car. I knew right away she was my center. She made me whole.