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Sgt. Wilson Sweet (Character)
from "In the Heat of the Night" (1988)

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"In the Heat of the Night: Murder Most Ancient (#3.3)" (1989)
Cpl. Wilson Sweet: After we left the living room, Conlan stayed behind for a while.
Chief William O. 'Bill' Gillespie: Yeah? Well?
Cpl. Wilson Sweet: They looked at each other in a special way.
Chief William O. 'Bill' Gillespie: You can't deduce much from a look unless it's followed by jumpin' on the couch. Was it?
Cpl. Wilson Sweet: No, sir, they stayed standing, but it looked intimate.

"In the Heat of the Night: Accused (#2.18)" (1989)
Officer Wilson Sweet: Bubba, you must have been one hell of a linebacker.
Sgt. V. L. 'Bubba' Skinner: Sweet, if you're gonna say what I think you're gonna say, don't.
Officer Wilson Sweet: Because if you hit quarterbacks as hard as you hit that truck...
Sgt. V. L. 'Bubba' Skinner: Sweet, won't you go someplace and do something useful with yourself, huh?

"In the Heat of the Night: Triangle (#3.12)" (1990)
Cpl. Wilson Sweet: No gun Chief?
Chief William O. 'Bill' Gillespie: Why? You have one.

"In the Heat of the Night: Walkout (#2.17)" (1989)
Officer Wilson Sweet: Man I can not believe somebody actually sat down and wrote all this stiff out. Now listen to this. "Certain procedure shall not implemented on any macadam pavement where the firm...
Officer Parker Williams: [Interrupting Sweet] Macadam? What's pavement got to do with nuts?
Officer Wilson Sweet: Nuts? What nuts? I didn't say anything about nuts?
Officer Parker Williams: Well macadam, you know them little bity white round nuts that come in a blue cans that has a picture of a pineapples on them?
Sgt. V. L. 'Bubba' Skinner: Parker, that's called a macadamia nut.
Officer Parker Williams: Where is Macadamia anyway?
Sgt. V. L. 'Bubba' Skinner: Well I don't think it exists anymore Parker, but at one time I think it was over in Europe someplace.
Officer Wilson Sweet: I think you are talking about Macedonia, and you're right , there's no Macedonia anymore.
Officer Parker Williams: Yea
Sgt. V. L. 'Bubba' Skinner: Yea
Officer Parker Williams: Maybe that's why they ship them from Hawaii these days.
Officer Wilson Sweet: Ship WHAT from Hawaii these days?
Officer Parker Williams: Then tiny nuts. It's what we're talking about aint it?
Officer Wilson Sweet: I'm talking about macadam pavement, that's what I'm talking about.
Officer Parker Williams: You don't have to get so uppy Sweet. I mean, maybe that's the kind of roads they have in Hawaii to truck them out on.
Officer Parker Williams: [Parker answers ringing phone] Sparta Police Department, Parker Williams.
Sgt. V. L. 'Bubba' Skinner: You know Sweet, it's real sad. He was turning into a real good officer, and then sometimes I...
[Shakes his head]
Officer Wilson Sweet: [laughs silently]

"In the Heat of the Night: King's Ransom (#3.10)" (1990)
Lt. V.L. 'Bubba' Skinner: Agent Trundle, where'd you park your car this morning?
FBI Agent Phil Trundle: Right out in front. Why?
Lt. V.L. 'Bubba' Skinner: Oh, I just wondering if maybe warnings improved your manners more than tickets. I reckon not, huh?
Cpl. Wilson Sweet: You have a good day Mister Trundle.
FBI Agent Phil Trundle: [Angry] Agent Trundle!

"In the Heat of the Night: Perversions of Justice (#4.4)" (1990)
Sgt. Lonnie Jamison: We're looking for Elroy Baines, the owner of that blue pickup outside.
Goober Petry: Now whatcha wanna bother ol' Leroy for?
Cpl. Wilson Sweet: We just like to ask him a few questions about a shooting that happened last night.
Goober Petry: Yea, hear they just winged that school pervert. Too bad.
Sgt. Lonnie Jamison: Come on Elroy.
Goober Petry: We don't want you to take Elroy. We think he aint done nothing wrong.
Cpl. Wilson Sweet: You realize you're obstructing justice? That gives us the right to go over or through you to do our duty.
Goober Petry: Is that a fact?
Sgt. Lonnie Jamison: [Punches Goober] . That's a fact. Come on Elroy.