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Lonnie Jamison (Character)
from "In the Heat of the Night" (1988)

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"In the Heat of the Night: Perversions of Justice (#4.4)" (1990)
Sgt. Lonnie Jamison: We're looking for Elroy Baines, the owner of that blue pickup outside.
Goober Petry: Now whatcha wanna bother ol' Leroy for?
Cpl. Wilson Sweet: We just like to ask him a few questions about a shooting that happened last night.
Goober Petry: Yea, hear they just winged that school pervert. Too bad.
Sgt. Lonnie Jamison: Come on Elroy.
Goober Petry: We don't want you to take Elroy. We think he aint done nothing wrong.
Cpl. Wilson Sweet: You realize you're obstructing justice? That gives us the right to go over or through you to do our duty.
Goober Petry: Is that a fact?
Sgt. Lonnie Jamison: [Punches Goober] . That's a fact. Come on Elroy.

Chief William O. 'Bill' Gillespie: Well that sounds like attempted murder Elroy. I'm surprised at you.
Elroy Baines: Weren't no attempted murder. If I aimed to kill that boy he'd be in the ground.
Chief William O. 'Bill' Gillespie: What did you aim to do?
Elroy Baines: I was trying to scare him. Let him know we don't need his kind in this town.
Chief William O. 'Bill' Gillespie: You and your shotgun are not the voice of this town. Jamison I want you to book this knothead for disharging a firearm in a dangerous manner, felonious assault, disturbing the peace and resisting arrest. And think up one or two more things.
Sgt. Lonnie Jamison: Yes sir. Come on Elroy.

"In the Heat of the Night: Murder Most Ancient (#3.3)" (1989)
Virgil Tibbs: Bubba just wanted to let us know that he had to hit the man.
Jamison: Like I always say, Bubba has all the fun around here!

"In the Heat of the Night: Citizen Trundel: Part 2 (#3.22)" (1990)
Sgt. Lonnie Jamison: You'd better crawl out of there and act like you're afraid of getting killed.

"In the Heat of the Night: Intruders (#2.14)" (1989)
Sgt. V. L. 'Bubba' Skinner: Come Here!
[Parker starts punching Andy]
Sgt. V. L. 'Bubba' Skinner: Hey Parker!
[Pulls Parker off Andy]
Cpl. Lonnie Jamison: Settle down!
Sgt. V. L. 'Bubba' Skinner: [to Parker] He ain't worth it.
Andy White: Keep that fat pig off me.
Sgt. V. L. 'Bubba' Skinner: [Grabs Andy's throat] You shut your mouth or maybe I'll let him have a little more of you. Get him outta here Lonnie!