Virgil Tibbs
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Virgil Tibbs (Character)
from In the Heat of the Night (1967)

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They Call Me Mister Tibbs! (1970)
[talking about Rice Weedon]
Puff: You killed him.
Virgil Tibbs: Look, let's get the record straight. He started that shoot out.
Puff: Well, you bastard, you killed the wrong man he didn't do it!

Logan Sharpe: I never pay much attention to jewelry, Virg'.
Virgil Tibbs: You're wearing some.
Logan Sharpe: This was my mother's. You may remember having seen her wear it.
Virgil Tibbs: I don't pay much attention to jewelry either.

Virgil Tibbs: I read somewhere, a famous psychologist once said that, uh, if your kid sees you pat your wife on the fanny and she looks like she likes it, then it gives them a healthy attitude toward sex.

Virgil Tibbs: You know, in less than ten years now, you're going to be on your own. Schools are through, the army's through, your mother and me - we'll be through. You'll be on your own then, Mr., you ever thought of that one? And what are you going to do? What are you going to be?
Andy Tibbs: Well, that depends.
Virgil Tibbs: On what?
Andy Tibbs: On you.
Virgil Tibbs: How?
Andy Tibbs: If you don't have any money, I'll be a bum. But if you rich, I'll be a playboy.

Rice Weedon: Woah, Lieutenant! Always a pleasure. Now, Lieutenant Tibbs, that is Puff.
Virgil Tibbs: Always a pleasure.
Puff: Which is it, army, navy, or airforce?
Virgil Tibbs: Homicide.
Puff: Ah, do tell. But you're not fuzzy fuzz, are you?

Puff: Have a shot of sixteen year old bourbon, $12.95 a fifth? That's the attraction here.
Virgil Tibbs: Thanks. Soda.
Rice Weedon: Puff is the most amusing little chick this side of the morgue.
Puff: But I love him. He beats me.

Virgil Tibbs: You picked the right man, Puff. He's big. He owns three fire traps over at the Potrero section and inspectors don't bother him. Nobody bothers him.
Puff: He doesn't love you, Honey. Even with that $12.95 taste in his mouth. I wonder why.

Virgil Tibbs: A case is never solved until a judge says it is.

Virgil Tibbs: We found your fingerprints in there, Whedon.
Rice Weedon: You can find my fingerprints all over this building.
Puff: He's a very friendly landlord.

[last lines]
Reporter: How is he, Mister Tibbs?
Virgil Tibbs: He's dead.
Reporter: But it was an accident?
Virgil Tibbs: Yes.
Reporter: But he was in custody?
Virgil Tibbs: Yes.
Reporter: Do you consider the case solved?
Virgil Tibbs: The case is never solved until the judge...

In the Heat of the Night (1967)
Gillespie: Whatcha hit him with?
Tibbs: Hit whom?
Gillespie: "Whom"? "Whom"? Well, you a northern boy? What's a northern boy like you doing all the way down here?

Gillespie: "Virgil"? That's a funny name for a n***er boy to come from Philadelphia. What do they call you up there?
Virgil Tibbs: They call me MISTER TIBBS!

[last lines]
Chief Gillespie: You take care, y'hear?
Virgil Tibbs: Yeah.

Tibbs: Now listen, hear me good mama. Please. Don't make me have to send you to jail... There's white time in jail and there's colored time in jail. The worst kind of time you can do is colored time.

[after Chief Gillespie convinced Virgil Tibbs to stay in town and finish the investigation, they both go to a mechanic's place to get Tibbs a car]
Chief Gillespie: Jess.
[Jess, a black mechanic, appears from under the car he is working on]
Chief Gillespie: Jess, this is, uh... This is Virgil. He's working for me. Give him something that runs. You fix him up, you hear.
Jess: What I fix runs. Who pays.
Chief Gillespie: Police.
[to Tibbs:]
Chief Gillespie: Well, you know where to find me.
[after Gillespie has left, Jess looks Virgil and his suit up and down]
Jess: What you doin' here, man.
Virgil Tibbs: Policeman.
Jess: You're a policeman here in Sparta.
Virgil Tibbs: They've got a murder they don't know what to do with. They need a whipping boy.
Jess: You got a roof.
Virgil Tibbs: No. I'll find a Motel.
[Jess chuckles and picks up Virgil's suitcase]
Jess: Viola... We got company.

Gillespie: You look at bodies all the time in Philadelphia. Why can't you look at this one?
Tibbs: Why can't you look at it for yourself?
Gillespie: Because I'm not an expert. OFFICER!

Gillespie: How much they pay you to do their police work?
Tibbs: A hundred and sixty-two dollars, and thirty-nine cents per week.
Gillespie: A hundred and sixty-two dollars and thirty-nine cents a week? Well boy! Sam, you take him outside but treat him nice, because a man that makes a hundred and sixty-two dollars and thirty-nine cents a week, we do not want to ruffle him!

Tibbs: You're making a big mistake.
Chief Gillespie: Don't you bet against it.

Chief Gillespie: [regarding Sam Wood's status as a suspect] We have the motive which is money, and the body which is dead!
Tibbs: Sam didn't kill Colbert!
Chief Gillespie: What makes you so sure?
Tibbs: Because Colbert was killed HERE, driven back to town in his own car and dumped on the street. Sam couldn't have driven two cars!

"In the Heat of the Night: Stranger in Town (#2.9)" (1989)
Chief William O. 'Bill' Gillespie: All right, all right, you hold it now. Cuz in another minute we're both going to be swimming in the middle of Lake Silly here.
Chief of Detectives Virgil Tibbs: [laughs]

Chief William O. 'Bill' Gillespie: I don't think there is anything more to be gained by this discussion. I'm going to go see a woman about some cornbread and a bowl of beans.
Chief of Detectives Virgil Tibbs: [to Himself as Gillespie is leaving] Lord I wish I had something I could throw.

"In the Heat of the Night: Pilot: Part 1 (#1.1)" (1988)
Chief of Detectives Virgil Tibbs: I want to like you people; and I want you people to like me. But there can be no liking without respect, and until there is that respect you will call me *Mister* Tibbs!

Virgil Tibbs: I want to like you people; and I want you people to like me. But there can be no liking without respect, and until there is that respect you will call me MISTER Tibbs!

"In the Heat of the Night: Rape (#3.1)" (1989)
Chief of Detectives Virgil Tibbs: I hate what he did to you.
Althea Tibbs: You hate it? At least you got to punch him out! I'm the one with the medications and the ointments in my body! I'm the one waiting to see what kind of diseases I might have!

Chief of Detectives Virgil Tibbs: Althea, how could you...
Althea Tibbs: How could I what?
Chief of Detectives Virgil Tibbs: Nothing.
Althea Tibbs: How could I what, Virgil? How could I WHAT? How could I LET him do that to me?

"In the Heat of the Night: Murder Most Ancient (#3.3)" (1989)
Virgil Tibbs: Bubba just wanted to let us know that he had to hit the man.
Jamison: Like I always say, Bubba has all the fun around here!

"In the Heat of the Night: Accused (#2.18)" (1989)
D.A. Dutton: The black community will not accept anything less.
Chief of Detectives Virgil Tibbs: Mister Dutton, I didn't realize you had become such an expert on the black community.

"In the Heat of the Night: Sister, Sister (#2.16)" (1989)
Charlotte Sinclaire: I hear you can be a good friend Virgil. Sorry I missed that.
Chief of Detectives Virgil Tibbs: [to himself after Charlotte leaves] Me too. Me too.

"In the Heat of the Night: The Creek (#2.15)" (1989)
Chief William O. 'Bill' Gillespie: Now, I talked with Mrs. Tibbs about you.
Chief of Detectives Virgil Tibbs: Why?
Chief William O. 'Bill' Gillespie: [Angrily] Because I wanted. That's why.

"In the Heat of the Night: Intruders (#2.14)" (1989)
Melinda Mason: I feel so ashamed.
Andy White: That's alright honey. You can get up and put some clothes on anytime. I'm sure these boys will close their eyes.
Chief of Detectives Virgil Tibbs: Why don't you shut up, stop showing off, tell me where you got this?
[Holds out a necklace]
Andy White: [Sits silently while staring at the necklace]
Chief of Detectives Virgil Tibbs: Yea, we found it in that pigpen you call "a room" hidden.
Andy White: Yea, that's right, hidden from the maid. She will steal anything she'll get her hands on.
Chief William O. 'Bill' Gillespie: Question is where did you steal it, Useless?

"In the Heat of the Night: Hot Nights (#2.6)" (1988)
Virgil Tibbs: Ever since that woman came to town, Bubba
Virgil Tibbs: ...I think he's in over his head. She's a beautiful, sophisticated young woman and Bubba, well...
Althea Tibbs: You can't understand what she sees in him.
Virgil Tibbs: In a word, No.
Althea Tibbs: Let me try to explain this to you Virgil. Bubba is a HUNK. He's manly, he's strong, he's considerate and just rippling with muscles.
Virgil Tibbs: Althea, Althea, you're a married woman.
Althea Tibbs: Hey I'm married, I'm not blind.
Virgil Tibbs: Well, if Bubba's a hunk, what does that make me?

"In the Heat of the Night: The Family Secret (#2.3)" (1988)
Chief of Detectives Virgil Tibbs: You're not going to like it.
Chief William O. 'Bill' Gillespie: When has that ever stopped you before?

"In the Heat of the Night: Tear Down the Walls (#2.10)" (1989)
Ed Rowen: You know what I see? I see a black man that I would not care to see at any time, at any place.
Sgt. V.L. 'Bubba' Skinner: [Nods to Chief Gilispie to see if he needs to step in the office]
Chief William O. 'Bill' Gillespie: [Chief nods to Sgt. Skinner to come in the office]
Chief of Detectives Virgil Tibbs: Yeah, I see a man that I feel the exact same way, not because he's a white man, but because he's a maggot.
Chief William O. 'Bill' Gillespie: [Chief steps in to break up a fight between Rowen and Tibbs]
Chief William O. 'Bill' Gillespie: Easy! Easy! Hold it! Bubba, arrest Mr. Rowen for assault and being a maggot.
Sgt. V.L. 'Bubba' Skinner: Oh, we're real tough on maggots round here.

"In the Heat of the Night: Pilot: Part 2 (#1.2)" (1988)
Chief of Detectives Virgil Tibbs: I guess you know everything about everybody here in this town, huh.
Chief William O. 'Bill' Gillespie: Virgil, if I was to sell all I know to one of them little newspapers at the checkout stand at the supermarket I'd have my fortune made. At the same time there be a whole lot of murders mayhem massacres and suicides.