Thomas J. Sennett
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Thomas J. Sennett (Character)
from My Girl (1991)

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My Girl (1991)
Vada: Pacifist!
Thomas J. Sennett: Am not!
Vada: Bedwetter!
Thomas J. Sennett: I stopped that!

Vada: Why do you think people want to get married?
Thomas J. Sennett: When you get older, you just have to.
Vada: I'm gonna marry Mr. Bixler.
Thomas J. Sennett: You can't marry a teacher, it's against the law.
Vada: It is not.
Thomas J. Sennett: Yes, it is 'cuz then he'll give you all A's and it won't be fair.
Vada: Not true.
Vada: Have you ever kissed anyone?
Thomas J. Sennett: Like they do on TV?
Vada: Hm-mm.
Thomas J. Sennett: No.
Vada: Well maybe we should, just to see what's the big deal.

Thomas J. Sennett: Vada?
Vada Sultenfuss: Yeah?
Thomas J. Sennett: Would you think of me?
Vada Sultenfuss: For what?
Thomas J. Sennett: Well, if you don't get to marry Mr. Bixler.
Vada Sultenfuss: I guess.

Thomas J. Sennett: So, what'd he say was wrong with you?
Vada: This whole medical profession is a crock.

Thomas J. Sennett: What do you think it's like?
Vada Sultenfuss: What?
Thomas J. Sennett: Heaven.
Vada Sultenfuss: I think... everybody gets their own white horse and all they do is ride them and eat marshmallows all day. And everybody's best friends with everybody else. When you play sports, there's no teams, so nobody gets picked last.
Thomas J. Sennett: But what if you're afraid to ride horses?
Vada Sultenfuss: Doesn't matter 'cause they're not regular horses. They've got wings. And it's no big deal if you fall 'cause you'll just land in a cloud.

Vada: [after Vada and Thomas kiss] Say something, it's too quiet.
Thomas J. Sennett: Umm, Ummmmm...
Vada: [agitated] Just hurry.
Thomas J. Sennett: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America...
Vada, Thomas J. Sennett: ...And to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Thomas J. Sennett: I'm gonna drive us to Liverpool.
Shelly: Liverpool?
Vada: Big Ringo fan.