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Quotes for
Gus Gilbert (Character)
from Pet Sematary II (1992)

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Pet Sematary II (1992)
Gus Gilbert: No Brain, no pain... think about it.

Clyde Parker: What are you doing, man?
Gus Gilbert: [Mirroring Clyde's words and actions] I'm just fuckin' with ya'!

[zipping up Clyde's corpse in a body bag]
Gus Gilbert: Takin' you up the hill, Clyde-buddy. That's the way the Indians did it.

Gus Gilbert: You bury your own.

Chase Matthews: [after he has shot Zowie the dog] What are you doing?
Gus Gilbert: Well, I WAS building a doggy door.

Gus Gilbert: Now I thought we were going to tone down on your flabby ass.
Drew Gilbert: Hey, I'm so sorry I'm not the stud you are.

Gus Gilbert: Get your ass out here Drew Gilbert, front and center!
Drew Gilbert: He is gonna kick my ass!

Gus Gilbert: Life's full of lessons Drew Buddy, no ones above them. Not you, Not me. Now get in!

Gus Gilbert: Drew buddy, You have the right to remain silent, I'll bash your head in, You have the right to an attorney, You won't need one because you'll be dead, Do you understand these rights Drew buddy? Or are you just too fucking stupid?