Boolie Werthan
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Boolie Werthan (Character)
from Driving Miss Daisy (1989)

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Driving Miss Daisy (1989)
Daisy Werthan: You should have let me keep my old LaSalle. It never would've behaved this way and you know it.
Boolie Werthan: Mama, cars don't behave. They are behaved upon. Fact is, you demolished that Chrysler all by yourself.
Daisy Werthan: Say what you want, I know the truth.
Boolie Werthan: The truth is, you just cost the insurance company $2,700. You're a terrible risk. Nobody's gonna want to issue you a policy after this.
Daisy Werthan: You're just saying that to be hateful!
Boolie Werthan: OK. I am. I'm makin' it all up. Look out there in the driveway! Every insurance company in America is out there, waving their fountain pen, trying to get you to sign up!

Boolie Werthan: You're a doodle, Mama.

Boolie Werthan: How're you, Idella?
Idella: Livin'.
Boolie Werthan: Where's that vacuum cleaner I brought over here?
Idella: In the closet.
Boolie Werthan: [turning to Hoke] She won't touch it.
Idella: I would if it didn't give me a shock every time I come near it!
Boolie Werthan: It works for me!
Idella: Fine... you clean and I'll go down and run your office!

[after Florene storms out when Katie Bell makes a mistake]
Boolie Werthan: Don't worry Katie Bell, it's not QUITE the end of the world.

Boolie Werthan: What I need is for somebody to drive my mother around
Hoke Colburn: Well, if you don' mind my askin', sir, how come she's not hirin' for herself?
Boolie Werthan: See, it's kind of a delicate situation.
Hoke Colburn: Oh, yessir, yessir... done gone around the bend a little bit. Well, now, that'll happen as they get old...
Boolie Werthan: Oh, no, she's all there. Too-much-there is the problem!
[Hoke laughs]

[Hoke and Boolie are walking thru Daisy's vacated home discussing how Hoke and Daisy have been since Daisy had to be put in the nursing home]
Boolie Werthan: I suppose you don't get out to see her very much.
Hoke Colburn: No, sir... it's hard not drivin'. Every now and then I takes a taxi cab, but don't too many taxis go out yonder.
Boolie Werthan: I'm sure she appreciates it.
Hoke Colburn: Yes, sir.
Hoke Colburn: Some days, she better than others... but then, who ain't?
[Hoke and Boolie both laugh]

[Hoke and Boolie are at the nursing home visiting Daisy. Daisy appears unwilling to speak much]
Boolie Werthan: Hoke, I thought of you the other day on the expressway. I saw an Avondale Milk truck. Monster of a thing, must have had about sixteen wheels.
Hoke Colburn: You don't say!
Boolie Werthan: I was wondering how you'd like drivin' that thing around!
Daisy Werthan: [to Boolie] Hoke came to see me, not you!
Hoke Colburn: Look like one o' her good days!
Daisy Werthan: Boolie, go charm the nurses!
Boolie Werthan: [smiling] She wants you all to herself.

Hoke Colburn: [Hoke walks in, Boolie and Daisy are there to confront him about a missing can of salmon] Mornin', Miss Daisy. I think it's gettin' ready to clear up out there! Oh, 'scuse me, Mr. Werthan!
Boolie Werthan: Hoke, I think we're gonna have to have a little talk.
Hoke Colburn: All right, sir. Just let me get outta my coat.
[pauses, then turns to Daisy]
Hoke Colburn: Oh, Miss Daisy, yesterday, while you was out visitin', I went and ate a can of your salmon. Now, I know you said eat the left-over pork chops, but they was kinda stiff. So, I stopped at the Piggly Wiggly and got you another can. You want me just to go on and put it in the cupboard?
Daisy Werthan: [embarrassed] Yes, that'll be fine... thank you, Hoke. Well, I guess I'd better get dressed now!

Daisy Werthan: I've never been prejudiced in my life and you know it.
Boolie Werthan: [about the Martin Luther King dinner] Okay, then why don't you ask Hoke to go with you?
Daisy Werthan: Hoke? Don't be ridiculous. He wouldn't go.

Boolie Werthan: [Boolie is eating lunch at Daisy's, trying to convince her that she can't drive anymore after her accident] Mama.
Daisy Werthan: No.
Boolie Werthan: Mama!
Daisy Werthan: No!
Boolie Werthan: You know, it's a miracle you're not laying up at Emory Hospital. Or decked out at the funeral parlor!
Daisy Werthan: The cucumbers are pretty this year.
Boolie Werthan: Look at you, you didn't even break your glasses!

Boolie Werthan: I'd better be gettin' back to the office. Florene'll be havin' a fit if I don't get home on time tonight.
Daisy Werthan: [sarcastically] Ya'll must have plans tonight!
Boolie Werthan: Goin' to the Anderson's for a dinner party.
Daisy Werthan: This is her idea of heaven on earth, isn't it?
Boolie Werthan: What?
Daisy Werthan: Socializin' with Episcopalians!

Boolie Werthan: Hoke, I want you to understand something. Now, you'd be working for me. She
[referring to Daisy]
Boolie Werthan: can say anything she likes, but she can't fire you. You understand?
Hoke Colburn: Yes, sir. Yes, sir, I sure do. And, don't you worry about a thing, Mr. Werthan! I'm gonna hold on no matter how she run me. You see, I used to rassle hogs down yonder in Macon, and, let me tell you, ain't no hog got away from me yet!

Daisy Werthan: It's 7:16!
Boolie Werthan: You should have a job on the radio announcing the time.

Hoke Colburn: Oscar said you needin' somebody to drive for yo' family... now, what I'm 'on be doin'? Takin' your children to school, drivin' your wife to the beauty parlor?
Boolie Werthan: I don't have any children. Don't have the time...
Hoke Colburn: Aw, that's a shame! Course, you still a young man, so I wouldn't worry 'bout it too much!
Boolie Werthan: Thank you, I won't!

[Boolie and Daisy are discussing attending a dinner where Martin Luther King will be speaking]
Boolie Werthan: Mama, we have to talk about this.
Daisy Werthan: Talk about what?
Boolie Werthan: The feasibility of all this. Now, I believe Martin Luther King has done some marvelous things...
Daisy Werthan: Boolie, if you don't want to go...
Boolie Werthan: I wanna go. You know how I feel about him.
Daisy Werthan: I know, but Florene!
Boolie Werthan: Florene has nothing to do with it. But, I still have to conduct business in this town.
Daisy Werthan: [incredulously] I know, Werthan Bag will go out of business if you attend the King dinner.
Boolie Werthan: Not exactly. But, a couple of men I do business with wouldn't like it. They might snicker a little, call me Martin Luther Werthan behind my back. You know, Jack Raphael down at Ideal Mills, he's a New York Jew instead of a Georgia Jew. And, the really smart ones come from New York don't they? Some of the men might throw their business to Jack instead of ol' Martin Luther Werthan. Maybe I might not hear about certain lunch meetings at the Commerce Club. I don't know, maybe it wouldn't happen. But, sometimes that's just how things work.

Boolie Werthan: Goodbye! Good luck!
Boolie Werthan: [out of earshot] ... Good god.